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Waynesboro Varsity Volleyball lost against Spotswood

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Waynesboro Blown-out by Riverheads


Jullian Gross(42) Blake Awkard (4) JP Vest (31) Jequintus Chambers (12)

By : MIllineum White

The Waynesboro Little Giants heads hanged low on Friday night . The Little Giants played Riverheads , and the team took them by a landslide. “Every 5 minutes Riverheads was scoring ” a devastated crowd member exclaimed .

When you loose , don’t loose the lesson . This should make you want to work harder , said Assistant coach Naiper

Waynesboro lost (7-48) “I think Waynesboro needs to step their game up , tonight should have been a wake up call ” Explained a players parent.


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JV steals the show against Stuarts Draft (22-14)

Photos by: Millineum White


The Team Congratulates Sean Cardoza on his game winning touchdown

The Team Congratulates Sean Cardoza on his game winning touchdown


JV football team takes off helmets for the singing of the star spangled banner.

JV football team takes off helmets for the singing of the star spangled banner.

The 4 captains Zachery Coburn (7) , Devon Owens (52) , Jose Ruiz (22), Tyleik Cabell (2) go to shake hand and flip coin for kick return.

The 4 captains Zachery Coburn (7) , Devon Owens (52) , Jose Ruiz (22), Tyleik Cabell (2) go to shake hand and flip coin for kick return.


Jose Ruiz (22) breaks the tackle and picks up many yards.

Jose Ruiz (22) breaks the tackle and picks up many yards.


Antonio Juarez (16) starts the game off with a kick .

Antonio Juarez (16) starts the game off with a kick .

Coach Moore gives Pep talk.

Coach Moore gives Pep talk.

Cabell for the touchdown.

Cabell for the touchdown.

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JV Football fell short against Staunton River

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Photos By: Millineum White

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Varsity football versus Wilson 21-12


Photos By : MIllineum White

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JV Football positive attitudes dispite scrimmage loss to Fluvanna

By : Millineum White


Interception made by Dayvon Young  Photo by Millineum White


JV football has added numerous new players to the team. Friday, August 19th was the first time the team played Fluvanna this season in a scrimmage. There were many interceptions and smackdown tackles.

“I could have hustled more,” said Lance Cooper, a 9th grader playing WR/DB (wide receiver/defensive backon the WHS JV team.  “The team worked as individuals, mostly the cornerbacks wasn’t talking and we didn’t seal out gaps.”

Coach Naiper explained , Win or lose the team is always going to be a team. They have to work together in order for it to work. The guys did an outstanding job and a(n) lose dosn’t determine the whole season 

”They was a little big bigger than us. But what I need to do is stop dancing and working a little bit harder. But the team, they was getting blown back on offence,” said Dayvon Young, a 9th grader playing QB/DB (Quarterback/defensive back) on the WHS JV football team.
Waynesboro Little Giants lost the scrimmage (28-14) 

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Summer Training

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

        The 2016 school year has come to an end. For many students and faculty, that means two months of a break where they can sit back, relax, and not think about all the homework or quizzes they have when they return to school next year.  Student athletes, however, have to return to our school for their preseason. Football practice starts on July 28th this year. That’s just seven weeks after the end of the school year. Cross Country starts June 13th, and Cheerleading practices have already started. There is so much preparation that goes on behind the scene on these teams; they just have to hope it all pays off.

        “Early practice helps us prepare so when the real season starts we already have an advantage over other teams” said Sonny Carey, an upcoming senior who will have competed on the Varsity Competition Cheer team for all four years of high school. 

       One problem with having so many summer practices is people make plans to travel or attend camps in the summer which may interfere with practice schedules. Carey said that coaches are understanding about pre-determined schedules, but athletes who attend more practices will naturally become better and, as a result of that, get a better position on the team. The Cheer teams hard work has shown as they made it to States in 2014 and Regionals in 2015

        The June Cross Country practices are optional  for runners, but as they move into August these practices become mandatory.

        “I think having practices start in June is extremely influential on the team’s success,” said Lauren Hersh, a freshman who is in her second year on the team. Hersh went on to say, “The practices get harder as it gets closer to the start of school. Without the summer practices, we would lose all of the time it takes to build up the endurance to run the harder practices.” The runners said the coaches are very understanding about pre-made plans, they just encourage runners to practice while on vacation.

        Sumer is a great time for relaxing and taking a break, but it’s also a great time to get ahead on athletics, schoolwork, and anything else. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” So, enjoy your summer and rest up because with the hard work of our WHS athletes, great things will come to the athletic program. As Hersh and Carey said, the extra practices do pay off.


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GIANTS on the Right Track


The track before the races have started. Submitted By: Hunter Painter, Freshman

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

The track team this year has a new person in the head coach position. A coach who wasn’t alone in the Head Coach position last year. This year is just him, and the runners seem to think he’s doing a pretty good job at it.

The team is doing well itself; they had runner up in most meets this year and have some returning talent in addition to the new Runners & Throwers

Justice Allen, a junior on the team said that Coach Freeman is “handling it well” and “really wants everyone to improve and become skilled in their events.”

Allen went on to say “We have a bright future as our team is very young and still performs well and scores points, as well as the veterans score high at these meets.” Last year the team had many runners compete at the conference and state level. Making it to that point is a very big in a runner’s career and the team has runners with potential to make it to that level.

One of the groups that made it far last year was the men’s 4×100 meter relay. Two of the four on that relay graduated last year but two are now seniors. Only one returned to run this year.

With this loss the team looks a little different from last year. Allen said “It’s very different, as we have lost lots of very experienced seniors who would carry the team to score points, it is a challenge to fill in certain events and score highly in them.” This hasn’t limited the giants though. The team is doing well this year and they plan to continue to be a strong force in the sport.


This year there are many new runners on the team. One of them, Hunter Painter, freshman, said, “I joined track so that I could stay in shape for football, my primary sport”. Painter went on to say that track was now growing on him and he expects to return for many more years. Painter is one of the nine freshmen on the Men’s team and the Women’s team added two freshman this year.

With all of these new runners the team will have depth for many years to come. There are freshman in all of the events that track has to offer. The Team can look forward to many more years of a full roster.

Some athletes may be doing track to stay in shape and it may be a primary sport for some, no matter the difference all the athletes have one thing in common. They are very excited for the rest of the season to see how they will perform next year. Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gentlemen, the Waynesboro Varsity Track and Field team may be producing some stars in the near future.


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What it Takes to be a GIANT Wrestler

by Avery Paiste, Reporter

On Saturday, February 6th, some of the wrestlers from Waynesboro High School attended the Virginia Conference Wrestling Tournament. Coach Palmer says it takes three things to succeed in wrestling: hard work, a mental toughness, and good coaching. Some wrestlers on the team agree with Coach Palmer that these things have helped them to get this far in the season.

The team works hard during the season. They have five practices per week sometimes six depending on whether or not they have an event on Saturday.

Tanner Dellett-Wion, a senior who has been wrestling his entire high school career, said “Practice starts with a dynamic warmup. We do things like handstands, cartwheels, our shots [shots are an arrangement of hooks and takedown moves], there’s no sitting down. Then we move into what coach has planned for us that day.”

Another trait a good wrestler must have is mental toughness. The first week of wrestling season is called hell week. “Hell week is the most physically challenging part of the season,” said Wion. That week may be the toughest, but after it is over, they still have the whole season left: many tough practices ahead of them and lots of brutal matches.

The final aspect of a good wrestler is having a good coach. Nerio Teran, another senior on the team, and Wion both agreed that Coach Palmer was the best coach they’ve ever had, which says a lot about the team’s success.

“He’s more than qualified for this job” says Wion. Palmer wrestled from an elementary level all the way to trying out for the U.S Olympic Team in the summer of 1996.

Wion claimed that wrestling has boosted his confidence and motivated him to try things he wouldn’t have normally tried. He went as far as to say that wrestling helps him in other sports because he now knows how to take hit, like in soccer. He said when he is running for a ball at the same time as a competitor he is confident that he will be the one who ends up with the ball

“He makes you want it [to win]” says Teran. That’s the bottom line. That’s what matters when you walk out on the mat, or the court, or any other athletic playing field. Who wants it more; that’s who’s going to win.

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The Future of Men’s Varsity Basketball


#24, Devante Robinson takes a shot. Photo by: Emily Perry

By: Avery Paiste, Reporter

Stepping out onto the court, being the youngest one out there, having to play at the same level as everyone else around you, these are just a few things #22, Zach Hatter has to do during the basketball season for our Men’s Varsity Basketball team.

“[The seniors] definitely make me better,” says Hatter, who has two more years left on the team. Next year the team will be losing both 80% of the starting lineup and the head coach.  

Zach Hatter, a WHS sophomore is in his second season on the WHS Varsity team. He is one of 5 non-seniors on the team, and the only one on the starting line-up.

Hatter said that he doesn’t feel pressure from being the only sophomore that starts at games.

“Because I was in the system last year, it’s not really any pressure to me [this year],” Hatter added.  “I feel like I’m doing pretty well and my teammates give me the ball and know how to help me out so the other team doesn’t really look down on me.”

In regards to next year, the team will have many losses to recover from.

“ [Next year] will be a rebuilding year for sure,” says Hatter. “We might have trouble at first, but we’ll see how things go with all of the new players coming up.”

So the 2016 team is trying to make the most of this year they have together. They have a record of 10 wins and 3 losses so far this season, with a winning streak of the last three games.

Devante Robinson, a senior, says, “If we play to our full potential, I think we can make it to states.”

Robinson says that the differences from last year’s team to this are their experience and bonds with each other.

“This year we have more of a friendship,” said Robinson. “Everyone’s just working for one goal, so it’s a whole lot better than last year.”

This season has been great for the Giants and with the support of the Waynesboro fanbase, the team is hopeful that they can make it all the way to the state tournament.

 “Next year’s gonna be a rebuilding process,” said Robinson, “but, after next year they [the team] should be back to where they normally should be.”

The future of the Giants is a promising one, and next year will be very different , but that’s nothing the team can’t handle. So let’s sit back and watch, because it’s going to be quite the season.

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