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Bust Boredom by Binge Watching Netflix

By: Cheyenna Pirkey

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Are you already tired of the cold weather? Have you been looking for something cheap to do in your free time? Perhaps you’ve been searching for the best movies on Netflix. Well, search no more because we have provided a list of recommended movies for you to watch. Put on a comfy pair of PJs, pop some popcorn, make some hot chocolate, and find a comfortable place to sit because we have already provided the best movies on Netflix!

Movie Suggestions:

Each of the short summaries is from

Remember: Netflix is constantly adding new movies and taking away old ones, so some of these may disappear at some point. Also, Netflix might display a different picture than shown here.


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Paddington- PG Genre: Family

Summary: A young Peruvian bear travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kindly Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven.

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Evan Almighty- PG Genre: Comedy

Summary: God contacts Congressman Evan Baxter and tells him to build an ark in preparation for a great flood.

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Secretariat- PG Genre: Drama

Summary: Penny Chenery Tweedy and colleagues guide her long-shot but precocious stallion to set, in 1973, the unbeaten record for winning the Triple Crown.

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Moana- PG Genre: Family

Summary: In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches Moana’s island, she answers the Ocean’s call to seek out the Demigod to set things right.

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Sing- PG Genre: Family

Summary: In a city of humanoid animals, a hustling theater impresario’s attempt to save his theater with a singing competition becomes grander than he anticipates even as its finalists’ find that their lives will never be the same.

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Peter Rabbit- PG Genre: Family

Summary: Feature adaptation of Beatrix Potter’s classic tale of a rebellious rabbit trying to sneak into a farmer’s vegetable garden.

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Coco- PG Genre: Family

Summary: Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family’s ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer.

Make sure you choose the one in your native language (English or Spanish)!



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Undercover Grandpa- PG-13 Genre: Action

Summary: When the girl he likes goes missing, Jake enlists the help of his grandpa and Grandpa’s former special ops buddies.

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Expelled- Pg-13 Genre: Comedy

Summary: Felix is a legendary prankster who gets expelled from his high school and, with the help of his friends, will stop at nothing to hide it from his parents.

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Meet the Fockers- PG-13 Genre: Comedy

Summary: All hell breaks loose when the Byrnes family meets the Focker family for the first time.

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Black Panther- PG-13 Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction

Summary: T’Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country’s past.

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Thor Ragnarok- PG-13 Genre: Fantasy/Science Fiction

Summary: Thor is imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, and must race against time to return to Asgard and stop Ragnarök, the destruction of his world, at the hands of the powerful and ruthless villain Hela.



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Counterfeiting In Suburbia- TV-14 Genre: Drama

Summary: Two teenagers have convinced themselves they’re not doing anyone any harm by counterfeiting money but it all takes a dark turn when their debt-ridden art teacher finds out they are using his classroom to make the counterfeit bills.

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The Kissing Booth- TV-14 Genre: Romance

Summary: A high school student is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth.

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Kiss and Cry- TV-14 Genre: Drama

Summary: A romantic drama based on the story of Carley Allison, a promising 18 year old figure skater and singer who made medical history in her fight against a rare 1 in 3.5 billion type of sarcoma.

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before- TV-14 Genre: Romance

Summary: A teenage girl’s secret love letters are exposed and wreak havoc on her love life.

If it is not already listed, please feel free to comment your favorite movie on Netflix below!


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Free Fun Activities!

Teen Night

Saturday, November 3

6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

After-hours flashlight tag, pizza, and fun. Ages 12-18.

Registration required.


Movie Night at the Library

Friday, November 9

6:30 p.m.


PG-13 | 1 h 52 min | Comedy , Romance

A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee.

Stars: Eugenio Derbez, Anna Faris, Eva Longoria


Teen Video Gaming

Wednesday, November 21

2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Snacks and video games on the big screen. Ages 12-18.


Book Club

Thursday, November 8, 4:00 p.m.

Read a novel, then meet to discuss.

Ask at the circulation desk to

check out your copy.


Read and Discuss

Tuesday, November 27, 7:00 p.m.

This monthly group reads and

discusses nonfiction books.

Ask at the circulation desk for the

current book.


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Spooky Season Fun

                                               FEAR FOREST                                                                                                                                  When: Every Friday and Saturday  Oct 12-27 Oct 29-31

Where: 6340 oak shade rd, Harrisonburg Va 22801

Time: 7-11pm

Cost: $15 only fear forest   $25 for all attractions CASH ONLY 

                                     Scare Trail

Where: Berkeley Glenn Elementary School Trail

Time: 6-7pm Scene: $4 For the scared

Trail of fear: 8-11pm $5 For the brave


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Huddle Player of the Week Poll

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Vote Alijah Braxton for The Huddle Player of the Week  here


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Halloween Quiz!

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What’s Your Favorite Upcycled Clothing? Poll

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Comic: How To Prepare For Major Tests

By: Cheyenna Pirkey













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Studying Tips and Tricks

By Lily Ockerman

Studying can be tough and often frustrating, but is worth it when the exams come.

Here are 10 tips that can make studying easier.

  1. Discover your Learning Style: Everyone has a different learning style, what is yours? Knowing how you learn best can be extremely helpful when you are planning a study session. Discover your learning style here.
  2. Plan your Study Session: Plan where, when, and how you are going to study. Creating a studying plan is a great way to stay organized and manage activities.
  3. Organize your Study Space: Clean up your study area. Getting rid of all distractions and clutter can help you get work done faster and more efficiently.
  4. Ask for Help: Ask a friend for help or create a group to study with. Creating a study group is a great way for you and your friends to have fun while getting work done.
  5. Use Colourful Pens: Write your notes in different colours. By writing in bright colours, your brain will remember more on exam day.
  6. Listen to Music: Create a playlist to listen to while studying. Listening to music while studying can lighten your mood, create a happier atmosphere, and keep you motivated. Be sure the music isn’t distracting!
  7. Drink Plenty of Water: Staying hydrated is essential for your brain to function properly. Drink plenty of water the day before and the day of the exam.
  8. Keep Mints Nearby: Eating something minty, such as mint gum, helps you concentrate. Mints directly stimulate your brain, causing more blood flow to your brain.
  9. Take Frequent Breaks: Take frequent, 5 minute breaks from studying. Any sort of movement that doesn’t involve work can reduce stress and help you look at a problem differently.
  10. Stay Motivated: Keep a positive attitude and keep the benefits of studying in your mind. According to this will create a happier atmosphere and will keep you motivated to keep working.

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Tell Me Something Good

Positivity is always a good thing to focus on. In an effort to draw attention to positive events at WHS, “positive moments” that can be submitted by students and staff will be featured here on Giantword. Fill out the form to submit your positive moment. Scroll below the form to read positive moments, and check to see if yours has been featured. If you would like to add a picture to your positive moment, please email it to with your name and “Tell Me Something Good” as the subject.

Positive Moments:

“A positive moment was when me and my friends stood up for each other because a teacher was bashing us. I’m not usually the type of person to stand up for anyone because I can hardly stand up for myself. This time though, I felt proud and loud for standing up for my friends and myself.” – anonymous


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