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The Decade is Ending

By: Kamren Hale

The decade is ending soon and we’ve done so much since 2010. It has been fun, crazy, and interesting , but here are some things that have happened since the beginning of the decade.

On April 2010: The first iPad came out

On March 2011: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was released

On April 2011: Millions tuned in to watch a royal wedding 

On July 2011: We said goodbye to Harry Potter

On December 2012: People thought the world would end

On February 2013: The “Harlem Shake” went viral

On September 2013: “What does the fox say” became a YouTube hit

On March 2014: An airplane disappeared

July-August 2014: Ice bucket challenge 

On February 2015: A heated debate over a dress

On June 2015: Same sex marriage because legal in the U.S.

On February 2016: Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar

On May 2016: Harambe became an internet phenomenon

On July 2016: The world went crazy over Pokemon go

On October 2016: The vine app shut down

May-June 2017: everyone was playing with fidget spinners

On August 2017: we experienced a total solar eclipse

On January 2018: there was a false missile warning in Hawaii 

On October 2018: A banksy painting self-destructed 

On April 2019: Juice WRLD’s death

As we say goodbye to the generation that we look back on, some also say bye to their childhoods. But lastly, as the next generation comes along we will be ready for what comes next.

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Image result for disney plus logo

A Disney + Review

By: Samantha Hodge

Image result for disney plus logo

Disney+ is a new app created by The Walt Disney Company tha has a variety of movies and tv shows for any age to pick from. It also streams Disney and Fox’s legacy content . The app came out on November 12th, but it was originally announced in September of 2017. Disney+ is currently available in the U.S, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Disney+ will be released in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain on March 31, 2020.  Lots of people are talking about the new app and how there is such a variety of movies and tv shows to pick from for a movie night or just having a relaxing movie day indoors. 

Disney+ costs only $6.99 per month or $70 if you prepay for a year and includes hours of entertainment. There are rumors that the price will eventually go up a little, but it shouldn’t be too expensive. The app has movies ranging from older movies that you may like, remakes of older movies, Star Wars content, an has new excluses tv shows, movies, documentaries, and shorts that recently came out and are not on any other streaming app. Reviews call the app an early hit and people who have the app love it and one of the things they love is that the app brought us baby yoda and other disney movies you might not be able to find anywhere else.

When Disney+ first came out there were a lot of problems and there were a lot of complaints from subscribers. Lots of people reported their accounts being hacked and they had lots of glitches. But, Disney addressed the problems and got them fixed as soon as they could. A big downside to the app is that you can only get the app on your TV if you have a smart tv which a lot of people thought was a problem. In a little more than a day, Disney plus registered more than 10 million people, the company said in a statement.

Even though Disney+ doesn’t have as many movies or tv shows to pick from as Netflix, Disney+ is the exclusive streaming home of a significant chunk of Disney’s massive archive of content. It is also the only place to see new material like the first ever live action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, as well as upcoming content from Marvel Studios. The app also has some of the older movies that your grandparents might even remember watching as a kid. But if you don’t like Disney movies, Star Wars, or any Disney shows then the Disney+ app might not be for you. So, will you try the app?

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Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time

Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time

By: Macie Nester

People of all ages have many different opinions on the top Christmas movies. This is the list that my Journalism class agreed on as the top 5 Christmas movies of all time.

Elf– The Elf is one of the most popular classic movies and is many people’s favorite movie. First of all, a boy, named Buddy, is accidentally transported to the North Pole as a baby and is raised to adulthood by Santa’s elves. Then, one day when Buddy is older he goes to New York to find his real father and once he finds him they try to build a relationship, but it is very chaotic

             3 reasons why you should watch elf during Christmas time!

  • This unique movie is really easy to quote, so if you love a movie that is memorable and sticks with you, Elf is definitely great.
  • Buddy always has a positive attitude, loves everyone, and knows what really matters in life, which is what Christmas is all about.
  •  Last of all, Elf truly captures the Holiday spirit.                    

Home Alone– Home Alone is about how a little boy named Kevin acts out the night before his family Christmas trip to Christmas, so his mother makes him sleep in the attic. Then, the next morning his family leaves for the airport without him and he is home alone. While he is home two men try to rob his house and he protects it.

  3 reasons why you should watch Home Alone during Christmas time!

  • The quotes are amazing and easy to recite. Some of the most famous quotes are “I made my family disappear” and “This is my house, I have to defend it.”
  • The burglars are the most unintentionally hilarious duo you will ever watch.
  • All the crazy and neat things Kevin gets to do while he is home alone, such as setting off fireworks and eating ice-cream for dinner.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)- The live-action version based on the book by Dr. Seuss is about how a green Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the citizens of Whoville. He does this by sneaking into town to steal everything holiday-related from the Whos, but he has a change of mind when he meets the sweet Cindy Lou Who. 

       3 reasons why you should watch The Grinch Stole Christmas during Christmas time!

  • The author, Dr. Seuss. He’s the well-known writer of some of the world’s most famous children’s books. His movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” follows the original story of the book and was his first film adapted from one of his books.
  • Cindy Lou Who represents the real meaning of Christmas. She tries to figure out why Christmas doesn’t seem right to her and then she realized it’s because everyone is too focused on the gifts and material things rather than appreciating what they already have and their family and friends.
  • The ending of the movie is very heartwarming, which is what we all need around Christmas time. The Grinch, who had been rejected by society, was happy in the end because of a little girl who was loving and optimistic. 

The Polar Express- The Polar Express is about a young boy who is curious when he sees a mysterious train bound for the North Pole stop outside the window and then he is invited by the conductor to join them on the train. Hence, the boy and many other children go on a long journey to visit Santa.

           3 reasons why you should watch The Polar Express during Christmas time!

  • It is one of the most visually beautiful Christmas films ever and fills everyone with Christmas wonder. 
  • The songs are amazing and are always sung around Christmas time. Some of the most famous songs are “Believe” and “Hot Chocolate.”
  • The message of “believing.”  You have to believe in Christmas.

Santa Claus (1985) – The main actors in this movie are David Huddleston, Dudley Moore, and John Lithgow. Santa Claus an old movie about how a long time ago, a man named Claus, delivered toys in his small village and then fulfills his hope of becoming Santa Claus after meeting an amazing toy-making elf, Patch, in the North Pole. Then Claus becomes overwhelmed by all his work and Patch threatens the fate of Christmas by taking Clauses’ job at a failing toy company.

        3 reasons why you should watch Santa Claus during Christmas time!

  • It’s an oldie, but a goodie. (1985)
  • It depicts how Christmas could have been ruined and how important Santa Claus is. 
  • Awesome 80’s soundtrack!


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It’s been a long 15 years but finally, UVA football is victorious over Virginia Tech. The Cavs, built by coach Bronco Mendenhall and led by QB Bryce Perkins beat the Hokies in Scott Stadium advancing to 9-4 and to the Orange Bowl against Miami. The last bowl game UVA played was last year against South Carolina in the Belk Bowl. The Cavs won 28-0.

Before this game, the last Virginia QB to beat the Hokies was Matt Schaub, who is currently the backup for the Atlanta Falcons. While on the topic of Virginia QBs, QB Bryce Perkins went 20/33 with 311 passing yards alongside 3 touchdowns (one passing two rushing) with a season high 164 rushing yards. UVA defense had two interceptions and two recovered fumbles in what may have been the most defense reliant games this year for the Hoos.

The Cavaliers move onto the Orange Bowl against the number nine ranked Florida Gators who are 10-2 on the season with losses to #1 LSU Tigers and #5 Georgia Bulldogs. The game takes place on December 30th, at 8:00 pm in Miami, Florida at Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. Although the Cavs took a major loss 17-62 to Clemson in the ACC Championship, I believe there’s a chance for the win against Florida, as UVA will have to play their best on all three sides of the ball. Only time will tell as UVA marches onto their final 60 minutes of football in what would be the biggest bowl game of UVA football history. Go Hoos!

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Announcements December 8th- December 14th, 2019


  • The Choral Department presents its Winter Concert this Sunday, December 15th at 3 pm. Admission is $5 at the door. This concert will feature Concert Choir in their traditional Candlelight Processional. 
  • Yearbooks are on sale at a discounted price. The cost is $65 until January 26th when the price will increase to $70. Have the memories from the 2020 school year that will last a lifetime. Homecoming – we’ve got it! Sports – we’ve got it! Pictures of you and your friends – we’ve got them! Remember – Snapchats don’t last forever, but yearbooks do! Buy yours today. Email Mrs. Musick to find out how to order yours today.
  • Learn to ski or snowboard with the Waynesboro Ski and Snowboard Club at Wintergreen. Sign up for four sessions and get less than half price for our school group, Thursdays after school in January. Get your paperwork and turn it into Mr. Wion before the break to get on that Wintergreen bus!! For more information, you can talk to Macie Nester, Camden Miller, or Tristan Bradley.
  • ALL SOL testing will be done on your school-issued Chromebook. It is extremely important for you to make sure your Chromebook and TestNav are working properly and that your Chromebook is brought to school fully charged on your test days. Mr. Ford might be able to help you with Chromebook problems if you let him know immediately. Also, you may borrow a friend’s Chromebook for testing if that is your only option. Please plan this before your test day. Be prepared and think positively. You can do this!
  • Latin club has packed 70 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!!! For some of these children, this box might be the first gift ever received. Your gift will brighten these children’s Christmas and impact their lives forever!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! 



  • If you are applying Early Decision or Early Action, your deadlines are quickly approaching. Please make sure you turn your college folder into your counselor 2 weeks before your deadline.
  • Sophomores & Juniors:  Are you interested in finding out more about Valley Career & Technical Center programs?  We are scheduling shadowing times now.  See Mrs. Wolke in the Counseling Office.  
  • Students interested in taking a summer course through Virtual Virginia, please see your counselor. 


  • Open gym for softball will be every Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 on the softball field at KCMS weather permitting. If the weather is bad, we will be inside at 5:30 in the small gym at KCMS. 
Thursday, December 12, 2019
5:00pmForensics: Varsity Invitational

vs. Harrisonburg  @ Harrisonburg High School
5:30pmBasketball: Girls JV Gamevs. Wilson Memorial  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
7:15pmBasketball: Girls Varsity Gamevs. Wilson Memorial  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
Friday, December 13, 2019
5:30pmBasketball: Boys JV Gamevs. Wilson Memorial  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
5:30pmCheer: Boys JV Gamevs. Wilson Memorial  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
5:30pmWrestling: Varsity Invitationalvs. Harrisonburg  @ Harrisonburg High School
7:15pmBasketball: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Wilson Memorial  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
7:15pmCheer: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Wilson Memorial  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
Saturday, December 14, 2019
10:00amWrestling: Varsity Invitationalvs. Harrisonburg  @ Harrisonburg High School
9:00pmIndoor Track: Girls Varsity Invitational

vs. Liberty Christian Academy  @ Liberty University
9:00pmIndoor Track: Boys Varsity Invitational

vs. Liberty Christian Academy  @ Liberty University
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Monday, December 16, 2019
4:30pmIndoor Track: Girls Varsity Polar Bear  (Rescheduled from 12-18-19)vs. Fort Defiance  @ Fort Defiance High School
4:30pmIndoor Track: Boys Varsity Polar Bear

  (Rescheduled from 12-18-19)
vs. Fort Defiance  @ Fort Defiance High School
6:00pmScholastic Bowl: Varsity Match

vs. Broadway  @ Broadway High School
Tuesday, December 17, 2019
5:30pmBasketball: Girls JV Gamevs. Staunton  @ Staunton High Schol
5:30pmBasketball: Boys JV Gamevs. Staunton  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
5:30pmCheer: Boys JV Gamevs. Staunton  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
6:30pmSwim & Dive: Girls Varsity Meetvs. Multiple Schools..  @ Bridgewater College Pool
6:30pmSwim & Dive: Boys Varsity Meet

vs. Multiple Schools..  @ Bridgewater College Pool
7:15pmBasketball: Girls Varsity Game

vs. Staunton  @ Staunton High Schol
7:15pmBasketball: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Staunton  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
7:15pmCheer: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Staunton  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
Wednesday, December 18, 2019
4:30pmIndoor Track: Girls Varsity Polar Bear  (Rescheduled to 12-16-19)vs. Fort Defiance  @ Fort Defiance High School
4:30pmIndoor Track: Boys Varsity Polar Bear

  (Rescheduled to 12-16-19)
vs. Fort Defiance  @ Fort Defiance High School
5:30pmBasketball: Boys JV Gamevs. Fluvanna County  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
5:30pmCheer: Boys JV Gamevs. Fluvanna County  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
5:30pmWrestling: Varsity Matchvs. Fishburne Military  @ Fishburne Military
6:00pmBasketball: Girls JV Gamevs. Fluvanna County  @ Fluvanna County High School
7:15pmBasketball: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Fluvanna County  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
7:15pmCheer: Boys Varsity Gamevs. Fluvanna County  @ Waynesboro High School Gym – Competition
7:30pmBasketball: Girls Varsity Game

vs. Fluvanna County  @ Fluvanna County High School

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Little Giants on the Slopes

Little Giants on the Slopes

By: Macie Nester

Three years ago, Mr. Wion, a science teacher at Waynesboro High School, had the “solid” idea to make a snowboard and ski club at Waynesboro High School. He asked one of his co-workers, Mr. Johnson, to help him get it started. These two amazing teachers love the sport and their students, so they wanted to give them a new opportunity. 

This unique club took a lot of planning and negotiating to bring together, but they did not give up. “The first thing we had to do was get permission and at the time it was Mr.Teachey who was in charge,” said Mr. Johhnson.  “He was very supportive and now Mr. Stamm is in charge and has continued to be very supportive. The next thing we had to do was get in touch with the Mountain [Wintergreen] and they were very open to the idea of getting a club started and were generous with what he would allow from our end, like how are we going to get students up there and when are we going to go.” 

Every Thursday starting in late December to the end of March or whenever the slopes close for the season, Waynesboro High School provides transportation to Wintergreen for the club. The transportation stated in a van with just a few boys, but then as the club grew they gave the club a bus, so there is plenty of room for more students to come. “This year we are looking to get hopefully over 20 students,” said Mr. Johnson. 

In addition, Wintergreen has worked out some great deals with the Snowboard and Ski Club. Season passes through the club are almost half the price as they are if you just buy them through Wintergreen and they also offer package deals, which include a lift ticket and equipment. If you are a beginner, the package deal is a great option for you. Although snowboard and ski club undoubtedly provides great deals and new opportunities, it also helps students to make new friendships and memories. 

For instance, a club member, Jackson Sherman said: “I meet one of my best friends today through Waynesboro Ski Club and my favorite memory with his is hitting the jumps through the terrain park, and getting sweet tea in the lounge.”

 In addition, Mr. Johnson said his favorite memory is “when we had a lot of fun recording the lonely hearts video and all wore red to the mountain for Valentine’s day.”

Snowboard and ski club is a great and memorable time because even though it is technically school-related, it’s a way to have fun with your peers in a relaxed environment, get rid of some stress, and pick up a great new hobby that you will have for the rest of your life. 

Waynesboro Snowboard and Ski Club at Wintergreen last year.

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Wrestling Season Starting

By: Kamren Hale

As the shoes get tied and as the knee pads get worn in, the wrestling season begins once again. This season, some people are looking forward to the hard work that leads to the tournaments ahead.

Now that Waynesboro High School has some new additions, it has a bigger team than last year. Since two people graduated and are gone, we only have six returning wrestlers. Having six returners on the team is going to help out a lot. As conditioning goes on and the team preps for the season, they are going to be ready for the upcoming season.

Wrestlers are divided into classes based on their weight. Ty Lafferty is in the 106 weight class , the 113 weight class is Kamren Hale, Seth Showwalter is our 126 weight class wrestler, and one of our heavier weight classes is Michael Smith at 195. Finally Markel Mar is wrestling at 220.

Some of the biggest challenges are going to be the tournaments because some of the other schools are really good. Since we have new people on the team it might be tough to get some points on the board. Goals for the team this year are to win a tournament, and have at least 3 to 4 people go to districts, regionals, and then states.

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What Are You Thankful For?

By: Peyton McNorton

With Thanksgiving just in the rearview mirror, we at Giantword asked each other what are we thankful for. Here is how some journalism students responded:

Shauna Wilson, grade 11
Sam Sikora, grade 12
Macie Nester, grade 11
Ruth Fiske, grade 11

Raylene Dewhurst, grade 11
Natalie Strack, grade 9

Next, we asked students and two teachers during 1st lunch for them to write down what they are thankful for.

Emily Sweet, grade 12
Megan Phillips, grade 11
Lauren Porter, grade 12 and Iyana Wilson, grade 12
Abby Sikora, grade 11
Ben Young, grade 11 and Jack *last name* (behind Young), grade
Jack *last name*, *grade* and Ben young (to the left of Jack), grade 11
Daisy Greyer, grade 11
Mrs.Combs, math teacher
Daniela Leiva, grade 10
Sophie Sontz, grade 10
Mrs.Karp, math teacher, and Antoine Baladi (right of Karp), grade 10

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Road to the Playoffs, Let’s Talk!

By: Dregan Giles

As we’re currently in week 15 of the NFL, the regular season is coming to an end. This brings one major question to how the playoffs will go: who will make the playoffs? For a start here are the basics of the playoffs. Each conference (four divisions for the two conferences) will have two teams that hold the highest record, they’ll get a bye week as they have earned that spot. The lesser two division leaders and two wildcard teams (teams with the best record NOT being a division leader) will play in the first round. This leaves two teams from each first round to take on the two division leaders. That results in two teams from each conference to play the NFC and AFC championship. That leaves one team in each conference to play the Super Bowl. The current standings through week 15 in the NFC and AFC are looking like this:


  1. Seattle Seahawks 11-3 (x)        
  2. Green Bay Packers 11-3 (x)
  3. New Orleans Saints 10-3 (y)
  4. Dallas Cowboys 7-7
  5. (WC) Seattle Seahawks 10-3 (x)
  6. (WC) Minnesota Vikings 10-4


  1. Baltimore Ravens 11-2 (y)
  2. New England Patriots 10-3 (x)
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 10-4 (y)
  4. Houston Texans 9-5
  5. (WC) Buffalo Bills 9-4
  6. (WC) Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5

x = clinched a playoff spot

y = clinched division

z = clinched first round bye

Teams in the hunt for a playoff spot, meaning their chances haven’t slipped away just yet.

NFC:  Los Angeles Rams (8-6)  Chicago Bears (7-7) Philadelphia Eagles (7-7)

AFC: Oakland Raiders (6-8) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) Tennessee Titans (8-6) Indianapolis Colts (6-7)

 There are 2 weeks of football left before it’s time for the playoffs, meaning these standings are very much subject to change. Let’s debate, who’s projected to make the playoffs as of now, but won’t by week 17?

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Should College Athletes be Paid?

Should College Athletes be Paid?

By: Sam Sikora

For years, there has been a major debate regarding whether or not collegiate athletes should be paid. Some say that paying athletes would ruin the integrity of college sports. Others claim that they deserve the money for the prowess in their sport. Regardless of your opinion, let’s look at the basic facts first.

The NCAA averages an annual revenue of right around one billion dollars. About 82% or 821 million of that is generated from the extremely popular, 64 team, basketball tournament known as March Madness (USA Today). That is a lot of money. But if you include all three divisions of the NCAA and all the sports, there are a lot of student athletes (roughly 460,000). If the NCAA gave up all of their profits to students, each student would only earn a salary of $2,173 annually which is equivalent to a low-end scholarship. However, not many people are arguing that the NCAA should provide athletes a base salary like a professional sport. The bigger controversy comes with endorsements from outside agents. For instance, collegiate athletes aren’t even allowed to earn money from youtube channels off of their name and still compete under NCAA rules. To me, if they are earning their own money, off of their own brand, it is ridiculous to prevent them from earning their own wage. 

Personally, as a future collegiate athlete, I believe that athletes should be allowed to be compensated to endorse a brand or company. If they are skilled and a popular public figure, then why shouldn’t they be allowed to earn money off of their name? Is it because it would ruin the “integrity of the game?” I personally enjoy watching college basketball more than watching the NBA because there is more heart and passion displayed by the collegiate athletes. The thing is, if we allowed these high-class athletes the ability to earn endorsements, the chances are higher that they may stick around and play collegiate ball for more than one year. Think of all the superstar college athletes that leave after one year in the NCAA to go pro. If there was more incentive to stick around, then we could see an even larger increase in the competitiveness of NCAA sports. 

At the end of the day, I do believe that it would be crazy to force the NCAA to pay athletes. But it would be even crazier for the NCAA to continue to prevent athletes from profiting off of their own name. 

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