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Journalism Hat Drive '19

Announcements September 8th-September 14th 2019


  • Homecoming tickets will go on sale next week. Ticket prices are different each week.

Week 1: (Sep 10th- Sep 13th)

For two: $25

Individual: $15

Week 2: (Sep 16th- Sep 19th)

For two: $30

Individual: $20

At the door (single): $50

All forms needed to purchase homecoming tickets are located on the senior table in the main office. Please fill out the required forms prior to purchasing your tickets.

  • The BETA Club members who are selling Homecoming tickets during lunch, please report to the table outside of the cafeteria.
  • Spirit Week is next week! Monday is Merica Monday. Dress in your red, white, and blue. Or represent any other country of your choice. Tuesday is E.T. Tuesday. Wednesday is Wayback Wednesday. Thursday is Class Colors Day. Let’s see some Giant Pride next week!
  • Spirit Week is upon us, the Canned Food Drive in the past years has been a big success, lots of fun, and tons of food to count; thanks to the competition for points between the classes.  Last year was a close race between the Seniors and Juniors. Please bring in your non-perishable items next week, and gain points to your class to win the highest points towards the Spirit Stick!! Great community service act!  Food goes to the Blue Ridge Food Bank
  • Calling all students!  Homecoming is next week and we need your help to cover all the events going on at school. We want all students featured in our yearbook so we need help taking pictures. Around the school, you will see posters with a web site for you to submit your Homecoming pictures for possible use in the yearbook. We want pictures of you and your friends dressed up for Spirit days, participating in Powerpuff sports, and at the football game. Email Mrs. Musick if you have any questions. Be invested in WHS Homecoming week
  • Sweet Day Cafe’ will be open this Friday!!  The only time we will be open this month.  We will, however,  be selling treats for homecoming dance!!
  • Sophomores check your email for Homecoming news and announcements!
  • Juniors please check your email today or tomorrow to complete the Homecoming Court Ballot!  Also, see Mrs. Karp if you are interested in playing powderpuff volleyball, football, and/or cheerleading.
  • Junior Class will hold Junior Council elections and Homecoming Court voting this week via an email vote/nomination process.  Keep an eye out for the email! Also Junior Class members interested in participating in Powder Puff Football or Football Cheer, please sign up outside Mrs. Karp’s door or post on Instagram @whs_ama21ng.
  • Attention Seniors: Your senior homecoming is around the corner. An important part of this celebration is choosing your senior superlatives. Who has the prettiest eyes? Who is the most artistic? Who is the best musician? Watch your email for a message about how to complete a Google Form to cast your vote. The information is also posted at the senior table in the front office. The finalists will appear in the yearbook and be recorded in your senior year history. Vote today! Also, don’t forget to submit your senior quote which will appear under your name in the yearbook. Email Mrs. Musick with any questions.
  • Attention all students planning to purchase Pep Club Cards: cards are $15 and will be available to purchase from Mrs. Henderson or Mr. Shields this week.  Come see Mrs. Henderson in Room 204 or Mr. Shields in Room 334 after school this week to buy your cards!


  • Young Women of POWER will have an interest meeting Friday, September 13th during Advisory. If you are interested in making a difference in the community while building others up to meet in Ms. Cupp’s room 203 Friday, September 13th at 11:30.
  • Young life will have their first club meeting of the year Monday, September 16th at 7:47 pm in the band room. Pop-out Cause it’s going to be lit!!
  • Key Club will meet on Tuesday, September 17th after school in Mrs. Sati’s room 330. Please plan to attend. Thank you
  • Come and join the IMPACT Club! Attend fun and dynamic weekly meetings, learn to identify community problems, brainstorm, plan and implement a strategic community-service project.  Is there a specific issue in your school or community that you would like to address? Join us and become an active agent of change. Ask Mrs. Staton in the Special Education department for more info and look out for the posters around the school.
  • There will be an Interact meeting on Wednesday, September 18th at 3:30 in room 241 (Mrs. Riggan classroom).  Interact is a community service club! New members are invited to join!  Any questions, see Ms. Carter. 


  • Register for the PSAT in the Counseling office. The cost is $20. Registration deadline Wednesday, October 16th. College-bound students and students who plan to apply to Governor’s School should take the PSAT.
  • Students interested in taking a summer course through Virtual Virginia, please see your counselor. 


– Girls Basketball will have open gym/practice on Wednesdays throughout the fall at 6:00 at WHS.
Friday, September 13, 2019
7:00pmFootball: Varsity Gamevs. Fort Defiance 19-20  @ Waynesboro High School
Field – Football
Little League Night

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New Faces At WHS Part 1: Lori Henderson

New Faces At WHS Part 1: Lori Henderson

By: Peyton McNorton

There are many new changes this 2019-2020 school year at Waynesboro High School. Building changes, new students, new classes, and even new teachers. Some of these new faces have been teaching for many years and some are fairly new to the profession. This is the first of a series of new teacher profiles.

I interviewed Lori Henderson, a new Algebra teacher, and asked her how it has been so far this school year.

Q: Have you had a previous experience with teaching? If yes, why did you decide to come here? If no, how did you start?

Henderson: This is my sixth year teaching. I spent the past five years teaching in Danville, VA. My husband and I decided to move to Waynesboro for his job and I wanted to find a teaching job that is ten minutes away from my house.

Q: How do you plan on becoming involved in the school beyond just teaching? 

Henderson: I am currently one of the co-sponsors of pep club. I’m also getting involved with the staff committee that I am on and just going to games, events, and things that this school has.

Q: What has been challenging so far?

Henderson: Just getting adjusted to how a different school does things differently. There’s a lot more freedom here as a teacher. 

Q: What has been good so far?

Henderson: Students have been positive, respectful, and flexible with all of the construction going on.

Q: How has the relationship been with other teachers?

Henderson: Really wonderful. Everybody has been really supportive and has been checking up on me and seeing if I needed anything. 

Q: What are you most excited about this year?

Henderson: I’m most excited to see the changes in the building. 

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Construction update at WHS  By: Kamren Hale

Construction update at WHS By: Kamren Hale

Q/A with Mr.Stamm about the construction

This is an update on how the construction is going at Waynesboro High School. Even though things haven’t gone to plan, we are still on track for finish time and looking forward to the new addition to the building. Some of the staff and students can’t wait.

Left side of the building that’s under construction

Giant Word: What can we expect to see this semester and also next semester?

Stamm: Locker rooms and coaches offices will be complete by early September, as well as the painting in the gym.  You will see construction move to classrooms on the second floor and old library. The new multipurpose building and auditorium addition will be completed as well.

GW: How do you think this change and construction will affect the 2019-2020 school year?

Stamm : There are always setbacks in a major renovation.  That being said, we have had to push completion dates a few times for a variety of circumstances.

Q: Do you feel like our school is more secure since the new office was installed?

Stamm : Absolutely, Increasing security is a major focus during our renovation.  Our new lock system at the front door, as well as lockdown features on our new interior doors, allow us to quickly secure the building and classrooms.

Q: Were there any major or minor setbacks during the construction over the summer?

Stamm : I enjoy seeing how our staff, students, and parents respond to the changes.  I love seeing the excitement everyone has when something is new, clean, and crisp.  I also enjoy the planning process, it allows us to look at things differently, such as how we structure the day for our students and use our facility.
So far we are inside painting the walls and doing our new back rooms in the gym and they are also giving the athletic trainer a new office, and also the locker rooms in the gym for the basketball team is being finished up and now we are looking forward to future renovations to be made.

Construction of the outside

Q: What plans are in effect for the back half of the school?

Stamm : The former small gym area will have a multi purpose room built in its place, which will provide a flexible area as well as a new fitness center.  Down the road, a new gymnasium will be built where the current 70’s addition stands.

Q: What are your favorite things about the renovations? What do you think about it? How do you feel about it?

Stamm : I enjoy seeing how our staff, students, and parents respond to the changes.  I love seeing the excitement everyone has when something is new, clean, and crisp.  I also enjoy the planning process, it allows us to look at things differently, such as how we structure the day for our students and use our facility.

So, in conclusion we are looking forward for a better, nicer, and bigger school for the 2019-2021 school year.

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Waynesboro HighSchool Will Not Have A JV Football Team In 2019 Season

By: Jackson Sherman

Imagine not having a JV Football team at your high school, when every high school in the district has one. Welcome to Waynesboro Highschool.

The Waynesboro JV football team no longer exists as of the 2019 football season. The reason for this decision, made by the athletic directors at Waynesboro high school, is due to lack of participation by football athletes at the school. Waynesboro believes this was the best decision for the football program, because it provides the varsity team with a full roster, and multiple strings for each position. “This decision is the best way for the Varsity Football players to have a positive experience this season,” the school said in a statement posted to the school’s website.

Junior, Micheal Smith is a middle linebacker for Waynesboro Varsity football. “ JV football at Waynesboro helped me prepare for what varsity is going to be like, and get me ready for the more complicated and more competitive level of varsity,” said Smith. Sophomore, Skylar Carson is a wing-back (aka running back) for Waynesboro Varsity football, and he said JV football helped him a lot last year. “I learned how to work as a team and developed the skills necessary to play on the varsity level,” Carson said.

In the Waynesboro community, there have been mixed feelings about Waynesboro not having a JV football team. The school and athletic directors have gotten positive and negative feedback about the situation. Smith gave his thoughts about it, “I think it was a good idea to take out the JV team this season because it made what would have been JV players to take a huge step to play varsity and I believe they were ready for it.” Many students, parents, and people of the community are arguing that the players that were supposed to play JV this year are not going to be developed, nor prepared for the following seasons because they don’t have a high school team to play on. Smith went on to say, “I think once they see it is just a mental thing that they can get over, they will develop their skills and talents much quicker and turn into very good football players.”

Thankfully this will not be the end of the Waynesboro JV football program. According to the statement posted on the school website, “The JV program is not being eliminated and hopefully can be restored in 2020.”

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The New Parking Lot

By: Shauna Wilson

I do not drive, but I have friends who do. I was sitting at lunch one day and we got to talking about student parking and how important it is to all the students. I got to thinking about recent changes to student parking at WHS. We now have a “new” student parking lot and yet some students still park in the back. Being the great journalist that I am, I went to go ask Mr. Stamm some questions.

Our conversation started when I asked how a student can get a parking pass. Mr. Stamm told me that “they are sold out, but that’s just because we are limited, and that will increase. We spent a lot of time in the summer trying to sort out how we can make everybody fit. From last year we are down about 18-20 spots, and a lot of that has to do with we are missing a few spots in the front where they did the new construction. We are missing 4 spots in the front, but we will get them back.”

He continued by explaing how “the prep area and loading down area, on the far side of the school is eventually going to be a parking area. But we will gain more spots, so right now this is not the total amount of spots. We will be getting more.”

For the time being, the parking spots are only $10, unlike some other schools. “Some schools are charging $50, we have never seen a reason to increase the amount. Maybe down the road but it’s not been on my agenda,” added Mr. Stamm.

I was a bit shocked at how much it cost to get a parking pass. I knew the parking spots would be gone soon, and that there would be a minimal amount.

I wondered why we had a small amount of parking given the number of student drivers at Wayesboro. How was the number of parking spots decided, I wondered.

“So that turns into a joint conversation with the architects, the city and the school, so it’s not about how many spots” Mr. Stamm explained.

“We obviously want to increase the number of spots at the end of the day. There are regulations, the amount of space, how much concrete we need and just what kind of space we have at the school. In an ideal world, we would have a big parking lot somewhere. We’d have more spaces than what we need but with the regulations, what the requirements for the city are, the requirements the architects have to follow, we try to get as many as we can.” So it seemed that the only reason we have a certain amount of parking spots isn’t because of some dumb rule. We just have to follow the regulations.

Did we really need a new student parking lot though given that students are still parking in the back?

“It’s so nice and a big reason for it being out front wasn’t so much that the students get the new parking. However, I thought about how it would work with our renovation and our new entrance. There are more seniors driving than there are spots out front, so what we did was offer the seniors to get the parking passes two days ahead of everyone else. So they had the chance to get a spot first, and we had some pick them out back. We have students that go to Valley VoTech and GOV school in the morning, there’s a lot of those students that get the parking spots in the front. We want them to be close to the front entrance. The other thing is it separates the students and the busses that are there in the afternoon” replied Mr. Stamm.

We all know that the parking lot is nice and all, but does everyone like it? There must be some positive and negative challenges with the new parking lot.

“The positive is that it’s a new and fresh look. We don’t’ have any big puddles out there when it rains. The landscape of the front looks so much nicer, it makes our school look new. It’s more accessible for people, and especially for our visitors. We have to keep working with our pickup and dropoff, but the students and parents are doing a good job. It’s interesting watching, the cars do not move up when they drop a student off or pick up a student. There is also less of a back up at the light.” Said Mr. Stamm.

Hopefully, in a few months or so, people will learn not to park in others’ parking spots, because you could lose your parking pass and or your car could get towed. Overall, I believe our new student parking lot is doing good and it looks amazing.

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Do you want to know the real Cindy? Well read about her, in this Staff Bio

By: Ailanna Ross

Cindy Hernandez is a Freshman at Waynesboro High School. In 5 years Cindy wants to go to college to design houses. She has two siblings, one sister, and one brother. Cindy’s brother’s name is Diego and he’s eleven, her sister’s name is Lucero she’s four, Cindy is the oldest out of all of them. One thing Cindy is proud of is being happy and not letting negative feelings get to her. The one sport that Cindy really loves is soccer. She loves soccer because when she was born she always wanted to watch her dad play soccer. Her dad always wanted to teach her how to play soccer. If Cindy could go anyplace or see anything in the world she could, she would want to go to Dallas, Texas. The reason why she would want to go is that most of her kind live there they would have a lot in common. She also thinks that is really pretty and everyone is very loud, which is a good thing. She would most definitely enjoy it, by surrounding herself with friends and family, and she would also want to live there in the future.

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New Year, New Position

New Year, New Position

By: Peyton McNorton

After recent administrative changes, Katie Ford is now an assistant principal at Waynesboro High School.      

Ford started out as a James Madison University student and was majoring in business, but she hated it. 

“I didn’t like my classes,” Ford said. “I wasn’t good at it.” 

Ford figured she should switch to a major that made more sense for her. She switched to English as a major with a minor in education.

“I loved it. I loved every education class that I took,” Ford said. “And after that, I got hooked on becoming a teacher.” 

Although Ms. Ford is excited about her new position at WHS, she claims she will miss teaching English to many students.

“I’m going to miss having a class full of kids that are mine,” Ford said. “Getting to know kids, lesson planning, doing cool activities with kids. I’m going to miss that a lot.”

New Waynesboro High School principal Bryan Stamm believes there are many strengths Ford might have transitioning from an English teacher to an administrator.

“From her being a teacher, it gives her more opportunities to understand things more,” Stamm said. “She knows the building more, the staff more, the students more.”

Ms. Ford loves her assistant principal position. She loves being able to do a lot more things than she used to.

“I get to do more large projects and help teachers a lot than before,” Ford said. “And I get to help guide the direction of the school. It’s really satisfying.” 

Ms. Ford already planned on becoming an assistant principal about three or four years ago and she went to school to get her master’s degree for administration.

“It was something I was working towards,” Ford said. “But I did not go into teaching thinking I was going to be a principal.”

Being an assistant principal can be challenging in the first year, as Ms. Ford is learning.

“Managing everything that comes along has been challenging,” Ford said. “I’m in charge of maintenance, custodial, but also some of the discipline and teacher observations. So it’s been a lot.”   

Although the new position has new challenges, Ms. Ford has had positive experiences so far this school year.

“Getting to help make decisions for the school has been exciting,” Ford said. “And getting to talk to kids that are struggling. That has been satisfying.” 

Ford’s relationship with the other administrators and teachers has been amazing so far this school year.

“We laugh a lot. Which I think is important,” Ford said. “But we also have a similar vision of the direction of the school.”

Amber Loyacano, an English teacher at WHS, is very close friend and colleague of Ms.Ford.

Loyacano feels like Ford is doing a great job in the role of an administrator. 

“Instead of just being a colleague, now she is also like a supporter,” Loyacano said. “Instead of being far away from the classrooms, she still comes to us asking us what’s going on.”  

Ms. Ford can’t wait to see what she will accomplish this school year.

“I get to finally be a principal! This is so exciting!” Ford exclaimed. “But I think I’m just excited to see the school year from a different perspective is exciting.”

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Natalie Strack Journalism 1

Natalie Strack Journalism 1

By: Samantha Hodge

Natalie Strack is a Freshman reporter for the Journalism 1 class of 2019. Natalie enrolled in this class because she enjoys taking photos and writing. After graduation Natalie wants to go straight to college, she wants to go to Harvard. She either wants to get a teaching degree or go to the police academy to become a police officer for the Florida police department. When spring break comes around she wants to visit Italy because it is a beautiful place and she wants to try all the new foods. To get to where she wants to go in life, Natalie wants to focus on her school work and study with no distractions. In her free time, Natalie likes to sleep, eat, watch Netflix, and hang out with friends. Natalie is most proud of going to a music camp over the summer, it was a big camp and she was on the news! The best part of all, it was in Georgia and she was there for 2 weeks.

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Dregan Giles the Future Star

Dregan Giles the Future Star

By: Hailey Tabor

Dregan Giles is a Junior at Waynesboro High School. He’s in Journalism 1 and Dregan took up this class because he loves to write and it just seemed like the perfect class for him. His friends in Journalism are Kamren and Hailey. After high school, he wants to go to Washington State University so he can take their amazing course for computer science. After he finishes college he wants to move out west, to Arizona for more opportunities, he would be heading there with lots of potential so it would definitely work out. Overall his favorite thing about school is socializing with friends that he didn’t see over the summer and it gives him something to do instead of being bored all day. Dregan has one brother and one sister and enjoys playing video games. He enjoys playing the guitar and of course, writing!

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Meet Hailey Tabor

Meet Hailey Tabor

By: Dregan Giles

Hailey Tabor, is in 9th grade and is a student as WHS. She currently doesn’t have a solid career choice for the future, but is hoping to graduate and find a good job.  In 5-10 years she sees herself in college getting her degree. She isn’t sure of what she’s most proud of. Hailey has 4 brothers and 1 sister. Her favorite teacher was her 8th grade algebra teacher, Mr Terry. Hailey’s hobbies are drawing and rollerskating. She takes no part in any school organizations. Her least favorite thing about school is the crowded hallways. Hailey doesn’t bring a lunch to school. Her reason for joining journalism is her interest in writing, writing for announcements, and newspapers. Aside from talks of WHS and KCMS she wants to go to New York. After highschool she intends to have a good job, be a homeowner, and have kids.

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