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The Decade is Ending

By: Kamren Hale

The decade is ending soon and we’ve done so much since 2010. It has been fun, crazy, and interesting , but here are some things that have happened since the beginning of the decade.

On April 2010: The first iPad came out

On March 2011: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was released

On April 2011: Millions tuned in to watch a royal wedding 

On July 2011: We said goodbye to Harry Potter

On December 2012: People thought the world would end

On February 2013: The “Harlem Shake” went viral

On September 2013: “What does the fox say” became a YouTube hit

On March 2014: An airplane disappeared

July-August 2014: Ice bucket challenge 

On February 2015: A heated debate over a dress

On June 2015: Same sex marriage because legal in the U.S.

On February 2016: Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar

On May 2016: Harambe became an internet phenomenon

On July 2016: The world went crazy over Pokemon go

On October 2016: The vine app shut down

May-June 2017: everyone was playing with fidget spinners

On August 2017: we experienced a total solar eclipse

On January 2018: there was a false missile warning in Hawaii 

On October 2018: A banksy painting self-destructed 

On April 2019: Juice WRLD’s death

As we say goodbye to the generation that we look back on, some also say bye to their childhoods. But lastly, as the next generation comes along we will be ready for what comes next.

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Wrestling Season Starting

By: Kamren Hale

As the shoes get tied and as the knee pads get worn in, the wrestling season begins once again. This season, some people are looking forward to the hard work that leads to the tournaments ahead.

Now that Waynesboro High School has some new additions, it has a bigger team than last year. Since two people graduated and are gone, we only have six returning wrestlers. Having six returners on the team is going to help out a lot. As conditioning goes on and the team preps for the season, they are going to be ready for the upcoming season.

Wrestlers are divided into classes based on their weight. Ty Lafferty is in the 106 weight class , the 113 weight class is Kamren Hale, Seth Showwalter is our 126 weight class wrestler, and one of our heavier weight classes is Michael Smith at 195. Finally Markel Mar is wrestling at 220.

Some of the biggest challenges are going to be the tournaments because some of the other schools are really good. Since we have new people on the team it might be tough to get some points on the board. Goals for the team this year are to win a tournament, and have at least 3 to 4 people go to districts, regionals, and then states.

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Powderpuff 2019

By Kamren Hale

The junior class before their game.

Last week WHS held their powder puff game. Powderpuff at WHS is when girls can sign up ato play football and the boys can also sign up to be cheerleaders. The junior class was supposed to play the freshman class, unfortunately the freshman class didn’t have enough players to form a team. As a result the junior team went straight to the finals. The senior class the played the sophomore class and at first it was close by the half. Then the senior class took over the game and by the end of the game the score was 21-6. After the game the boys did theirs cheers and they put on a show for the crowd. The sophomore class only had 1 student cheer for them, wearing a dinosaur outfit. The junior class had four members. Their props included a small kid jeep, a clown mask, and a sign mocking the senior class. Finally the senior class put spiderman in their cheer and also unmasked our old principal which made the crowd go wild. This lead to the championship game: the junior versus senior class. Right as soon as it started, it was a good game but the seniors scored first and then shortly after they scored again. At the end of the first quarter the juniors finally scored. At the end of the game, the juniors scored with no time left on the clock and all they needed was a 2pt conversion. On the last play of the game they had a girl wide open in the right corner and she dropped the pass. The seniors won the spirit stick and the final score was 14-12. As the week came to an end, all that remained was the Homecoming game on Friday and the dance on Saturday.

The bleachers with all the classes and teachers on the track.

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Construction update at WHS  By: Kamren Hale

Construction update at WHS By: Kamren Hale

Q/A with Mr.Stamm about the construction

This is an update on how the construction is going at Waynesboro High School. Even though things haven’t gone to plan, we are still on track for finish time and looking forward to the new addition to the building. Some of the staff and students can’t wait.

Left side of the building that’s under construction

Giant Word: What can we expect to see this semester and also next semester?

Stamm: Locker rooms and coaches offices will be complete by early September, as well as the painting in the gym.  You will see construction move to classrooms on the second floor and old library. The new multipurpose building and auditorium addition will be completed as well.

GW: How do you think this change and construction will affect the 2019-2020 school year?

Stamm : There are always setbacks in a major renovation.  That being said, we have had to push completion dates a few times for a variety of circumstances.

Q: Do you feel like our school is more secure since the new office was installed?

Stamm : Absolutely, Increasing security is a major focus during our renovation.  Our new lock system at the front door, as well as lockdown features on our new interior doors, allow us to quickly secure the building and classrooms.

Q: Were there any major or minor setbacks during the construction over the summer?

Stamm : I enjoy seeing how our staff, students, and parents respond to the changes.  I love seeing the excitement everyone has when something is new, clean, and crisp.  I also enjoy the planning process, it allows us to look at things differently, such as how we structure the day for our students and use our facility.
So far we are inside painting the walls and doing our new back rooms in the gym and they are also giving the athletic trainer a new office, and also the locker rooms in the gym for the basketball team is being finished up and now we are looking forward to future renovations to be made.

Construction of the outside

Q: What plans are in effect for the back half of the school?

Stamm : The former small gym area will have a multi purpose room built in its place, which will provide a flexible area as well as a new fitness center.  Down the road, a new gymnasium will be built where the current 70’s addition stands.

Q: What are your favorite things about the renovations? What do you think about it? How do you feel about it?

Stamm : I enjoy seeing how our staff, students, and parents respond to the changes.  I love seeing the excitement everyone has when something is new, clean, and crisp.  I also enjoy the planning process, it allows us to look at things differently, such as how we structure the day for our students and use our facility.

So, in conclusion we are looking forward for a better, nicer, and bigger school for the 2019-2021 school year.

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