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2015 National Champs to 2019 Rebuilding

2015 National Champs to 2019 Rebuilding

UVA baseball is a huge deal for Virginia Cavalier fans, simply because UVA baseball has been so dominant in the NCAA, and their conference the ACC. At just about every UVA home game you will see the crowd decked out in blue and orange, and a ton of players jerseys. At the 2015 home opener baseball game at Davenport field, everybody in the stadium knew that UVA was going to have an extremely good season, if they were a huge UVA fan or not. The atmosphere at the game was outlandish. The whole crowd was always on their feet, making as much noise as possible. There is no break at all, the fans were constantly stomping, clapping, and cheering for the Wahoos. 

UVA baseball under the lights.

The 2015 UVA baseball season rolled by, and going into the NCAA Tournament UVA had the best record in all of college baseball. UVA baseball was considered an absolute powerhouse, but so was another team, Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt and UVA went back and forth the whole season fighting for the number one rank in the nation. Ultimately Vanderbilt got the number one rank after beating LSU at their home field, but this did not stop UVA.

 Both teams absolutely went off in the tournament, beating every team they faced by multiple runs and not letting up on anyone they played. Then what was no shock to anybody, UVA and Vanderbilt both ended up in College World Series championship game. UVA beat the powerful Mississippi State team to advance to the championship, while Vanderbilt had beat the big and bad Flordia Gators. Both teams were itching to get to play each other especially because it is the biggest game in all of college baseball. All the way in Ohama, where history is made for one team, and hearts are broken for the other team. Every single team that is a part of NCAA baseball works, plays, and grinds to get to play at Ohama for the CWS. 

On June 21 in Ohama, Nebraska, UVA, and Vanderbilt are taking batting practice and fielding drills to get in their routine for game one. All the players, coaches, and fans were ready for the 7 pm start time. Vanderbilt put two quick runs on the board to start the game, then racked on two more runs to take game one. UVA exchanged places with Vanderbilt in game two with a 7-2 victory. This means the series is tied at 1-1, and the next team to win are college baseball national champions. UVA proved that they are the best team by taking the championship game and the 2015 National championship title. 

Fast forward to 2019 and UVA is working harder and harder to get back to the college baseball powerhouse and national champs that they were four years ago. The UVA baseball team is in a rebuilding phase right now. This means the whole UVA National championship roster is gone. Most graduated and other players were good enough to get drafted to Major Leagues. Not only are all of the old players are gone, but recently the great pitching coach, Karl Kuhn, left his position at UVA and is pursuing the head coach position at Radford University. UVA’s baseball team now is very young, a lot of players are underclassmen. 

There is no doubt that there is a chip on UVA’s shoulder this year. Despite everybody looking at UVA baseball thinking they are going to fail, UVA just tunes all of that out and plays their game. They are looking to do more than just succeed, UVA baseball wants to dominate college baseball again.

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iPhone 11: Are all the Changes Worth It?

iPhone 11: Are all the Changes Worth It?

By: Ruth Fiske

I assume you have heard of the new iPhone 11 which was released on September 20th. The iPhone XR is priced around $749 and the iPhone 11 starts at $699. Yes, it may only be a fifty dollar difference but most people were excited about the iPhone 11 being slightly cheaper.

Two weeks after the release date, a new report said that the iPhone 11 was selling so well that Apple ordered as many as eight million units from suppliers. The main change on the iPhone 11 is the ultra-wide view lenses. The other changes are the dual-lens rear camera, the 6.1” liquid retina display, night mode, Dolby atmos, more durable glass, and new colors. Some of these changes come with the IOS 13 but most of them come from the new iPhone 11. I personally do not know of a lot of people that switched to the iPhone 11, but I had the chance to talk to my fellow classmate Key Key Brandon about how she is liking the iPhone 11. 

I asked her if she liked the iPhone 11. “Yeah, but the camera quality is not as good as the older phones,” she said. “I personally think that the iPhone 7 has the best camera quality.”

I also asked her about the new IOS 13 update and how she is liking it.  “For the IOS 13, I like everything but something is the messages got deleted and I don’t like that,” Key Key said. “Overall, I like the iPhone 11 better because you still have an animoji, dark mode, and more.”

The iPhone 11 could be a great choice for you or it could be better to stick with the phone that you already have. Everyone has different preferences but overall it would not be a waste if you decide to invest in the new iPhone 11.

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The Vaping Issue at WHS

By Sam Sikora

Vaping has become to our generation what smoking was to the previous generations. It is plain and simple. It is an epidemic. We hear this all over the news. Each week it seems like there is a new study or controversy regarding vaping. But is vaping really as bad as everyone has made it out to be? Is it an issue at WHS? What can be done to halt the problem locally? 

Let’s start with the basic statistics. Recently, the CDC made the claim that as of September of 2019, one out of every four high school students vape. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are roughly 15.3 million students enrolled in High School for the Fall of 2019. That means there are roughly 3.8 million students in high school that vape. To put that into perspective, there are 3.3 million students are set to graduate from public high schools this spring (NCCES). That is a big problem. But are these statistics accurate locally? Well I decided to find out. Over social media, I created an anonymous poll regarding vaping. It was a simple, short poll. My first question just simply asked the question: “Have you ever vaped before?” My results were rather shocking. Roughly 83% who took the poll had vaped before. My second question, which was dependent on the first, asked those who had vaped as to how regularly they vape. Of those who had vaped, 40% said they rarely vape, 27% said they vaped every now and again, and 33% said they vaped on a daily basis. My poll only represents a small population of the high school. However, if I was able to poll every student, I believe the results would not be too far off. 

So we know the statistics on vaping, but how does everyone feel about vaping? Do vapers want a change? According to one anonymous vaper, the answer is yes. “Although it’s something fun to do, it’s a very serious matter,” they said. “It is deeply affecting people’s lives and health.” The vaper also claimed that vaping “is not a safer alternative to smoking” and that its health questions are “intimidating.” I then asked them about the environment of vaping at WHS. When asked about if WHS has a vaping problem, they answered “Absolutely. I have seen 5 or more people vaping in a bathroom at one time.” According to the vaper, vaping is also a distraction from class. They claimed that they take frequent bathroom breaks to hit their vape. 

What should WHS do about this? Well the vaper claimed that while stricter regulations is a good thing, the school would struggle to enforce the rules. They claimed more frequent bathroom checks would be a step in the right direction. No matter what, they agreed that something needs to be done. 

Vaping has become not only a widespread problem nationally, but also here locally at WHS. With health concerns regarding vaping rising, the issue is becoming more and more daunting. Instead of a generation hooked on tobacco products, our generation is becoming the one addicted to vaping, or more specifically, nicotine. With no resolution nationally or locally, vaping is an epidemic that is only going to continue to spiral downward.

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Homecoming Photo Gallery

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Waynesboro HighSchool Will Not Have A JV Football Team In 2019 Season

By: Jackson Sherman

Imagine not having a JV Football team at your high school, when every high school in the district has one. Welcome to Waynesboro Highschool.

The Waynesboro JV football team no longer exists as of the 2019 football season. The reason for this decision, made by the athletic directors at Waynesboro high school, is due to lack of participation by football athletes at the school. Waynesboro believes this was the best decision for the football program, because it provides the varsity team with a full roster, and multiple strings for each position. “This decision is the best way for the Varsity Football players to have a positive experience this season,” the school said in a statement posted to the school’s website.

Junior, Micheal Smith is a middle linebacker for Waynesboro Varsity football. “ JV football at Waynesboro helped me prepare for what varsity is going to be like, and get me ready for the more complicated and more competitive level of varsity,” said Smith. Sophomore, Skylar Carson is a wing-back (aka running back) for Waynesboro Varsity football, and he said JV football helped him a lot last year. “I learned how to work as a team and developed the skills necessary to play on the varsity level,” Carson said.

In the Waynesboro community, there have been mixed feelings about Waynesboro not having a JV football team. The school and athletic directors have gotten positive and negative feedback about the situation. Smith gave his thoughts about it, “I think it was a good idea to take out the JV team this season because it made what would have been JV players to take a huge step to play varsity and I believe they were ready for it.” Many students, parents, and people of the community are arguing that the players that were supposed to play JV this year are not going to be developed, nor prepared for the following seasons because they don’t have a high school team to play on. Smith went on to say, “I think once they see it is just a mental thing that they can get over, they will develop their skills and talents much quicker and turn into very good football players.”

Thankfully this will not be the end of the Waynesboro JV football program. According to the statement posted on the school website, “The JV program is not being eliminated and hopefully can be restored in 2020.”

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