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What Are You Thankful For?

By: Peyton McNorton

With Thanksgiving just in the rearview mirror, we at Giantword asked each other what are we thankful for. Here is how some journalism students responded:

Shauna Wilson, grade 11
Sam Sikora, grade 12
Macie Nester, grade 11
Ruth Fiske, grade 11

Raylene Dewhurst, grade 11
Natalie Strack, grade 9

Next, we asked students and two teachers during 1st lunch for them to write down what they are thankful for.

Emily Sweet, grade 12
Megan Phillips, grade 11
Lauren Porter, grade 12 and Iyana Wilson, grade 12
Abby Sikora, grade 11
Ben Young, grade 11 and Jack *last name* (behind Young), grade
Jack *last name*, *grade* and Ben young (to the left of Jack), grade 11
Daisy Greyer, grade 11
Mrs.Combs, math teacher
Daniela Leiva, grade 10
Sophie Sontz, grade 10
Mrs.Karp, math teacher, and Antoine Baladi (right of Karp), grade 10

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