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Top 5 Christmas Movies of All Time

By: Macie Nester

People of all ages have many different opinions on the top Christmas movies. This is the list that my Journalism class agreed on as the top 5 Christmas movies of all time.

Elf– The Elf is one of the most popular classic movies and is many people’s favorite movie. First of all, a boy, named Buddy, is accidentally transported to the North Pole as a baby and is raised to adulthood by Santa’s elves. Then, one day when Buddy is older he goes to New York to find his real father and once he finds him they try to build a relationship, but it is very chaotic

             3 reasons why you should watch elf during Christmas time!

  • This unique movie is really easy to quote, so if you love a movie that is memorable and sticks with you, Elf is definitely great.
  • Buddy always has a positive attitude, loves everyone, and knows what really matters in life, which is what Christmas is all about.
  •  Last of all, Elf truly captures the Holiday spirit.                    

Home Alone– Home Alone is about how a little boy named Kevin acts out the night before his family Christmas trip to Christmas, so his mother makes him sleep in the attic. Then, the next morning his family leaves for the airport without him and he is home alone. While he is home two men try to rob his house and he protects it.

  3 reasons why you should watch Home Alone during Christmas time!

  • The quotes are amazing and easy to recite. Some of the most famous quotes are “I made my family disappear” and “This is my house, I have to defend it.”
  • The burglars are the most unintentionally hilarious duo you will ever watch.
  • All the crazy and neat things Kevin gets to do while he is home alone, such as setting off fireworks and eating ice-cream for dinner.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)- The live-action version based on the book by Dr. Seuss is about how a green Grinch decides to ruin Christmas for the citizens of Whoville. He does this by sneaking into town to steal everything holiday-related from the Whos, but he has a change of mind when he meets the sweet Cindy Lou Who. 

       3 reasons why you should watch The Grinch Stole Christmas during Christmas time!

  • The author, Dr. Seuss. He’s the well-known writer of some of the world’s most famous children’s books. His movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” follows the original story of the book and was his first film adapted from one of his books.
  • Cindy Lou Who represents the real meaning of Christmas. She tries to figure out why Christmas doesn’t seem right to her and then she realized it’s because everyone is too focused on the gifts and material things rather than appreciating what they already have and their family and friends.
  • The ending of the movie is very heartwarming, which is what we all need around Christmas time. The Grinch, who had been rejected by society, was happy in the end because of a little girl who was loving and optimistic. 

The Polar Express- The Polar Express is about a young boy who is curious when he sees a mysterious train bound for the North Pole stop outside the window and then he is invited by the conductor to join them on the train. Hence, the boy and many other children go on a long journey to visit Santa.

           3 reasons why you should watch The Polar Express during Christmas time!

  • It is one of the most visually beautiful Christmas films ever and fills everyone with Christmas wonder. 
  • The songs are amazing and are always sung around Christmas time. Some of the most famous songs are “Believe” and “Hot Chocolate.”
  • The message of “believing.”  You have to believe in Christmas.

Santa Claus (1985) – The main actors in this movie are David Huddleston, Dudley Moore, and John Lithgow. Santa Claus an old movie about how a long time ago, a man named Claus, delivered toys in his small village and then fulfills his hope of becoming Santa Claus after meeting an amazing toy-making elf, Patch, in the North Pole. Then Claus becomes overwhelmed by all his work and Patch threatens the fate of Christmas by taking Clauses’ job at a failing toy company.

        3 reasons why you should watch Santa Claus during Christmas time!

  • It’s an oldie, but a goodie. (1985)
  • It depicts how Christmas could have been ruined and how important Santa Claus is. 
  • Awesome 80’s soundtrack!


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