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The Decade is Ending

By: Kamren Hale

The decade is ending soon and we’ve done so much since 2010. It has been fun, crazy, and interesting , but here are some things that have happened since the beginning of the decade.

On April 2010: The first iPad came out

On March 2011: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was released

On April 2011: Millions tuned in to watch a royal wedding 

On July 2011: We said goodbye to Harry Potter

On December 2012: People thought the world would end

On February 2013: The “Harlem Shake” went viral

On September 2013: “What does the fox say” became a YouTube hit

On March 2014: An airplane disappeared

July-August 2014: Ice bucket challenge 

On February 2015: A heated debate over a dress

On June 2015: Same sex marriage because legal in the U.S.

On February 2016: Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar

On May 2016: Harambe became an internet phenomenon

On July 2016: The world went crazy over Pokemon go

On October 2016: The vine app shut down

May-June 2017: everyone was playing with fidget spinners

On August 2017: we experienced a total solar eclipse

On January 2018: there was a false missile warning in Hawaii 

On October 2018: A banksy painting self-destructed 

On April 2019: Juice WRLD’s death

As we say goodbye to the generation that we look back on, some also say bye to their childhoods. But lastly, as the next generation comes along we will be ready for what comes next.

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