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Road to the Playoffs, Let’s Talk!

By: Dregan Giles

As we’re currently in week 15 of the NFL, the regular season is coming to an end. This brings one major question to how the playoffs will go: who will make the playoffs? For a start here are the basics of the playoffs. Each conference (four divisions for the two conferences) will have two teams that hold the highest record, they’ll get a bye week as they have earned that spot. The lesser two division leaders and two wildcard teams (teams with the best record NOT being a division leader) will play in the first round. This leaves two teams from each first round to take on the two division leaders. That results in two teams from each conference to play the NFC and AFC championship. That leaves one team in each conference to play the Super Bowl. The current standings through week 15 in the NFC and AFC are looking like this:


  1. Seattle Seahawks 11-3 (x)        
  2. Green Bay Packers 11-3 (x)
  3. New Orleans Saints 10-3 (y)
  4. Dallas Cowboys 7-7
  5. (WC) Seattle Seahawks 10-3 (x)
  6. (WC) Minnesota Vikings 10-4


  1. Baltimore Ravens 11-2 (y)
  2. New England Patriots 10-3 (x)
  3. Kansas City Chiefs 10-4 (y)
  4. Houston Texans 9-5
  5. (WC) Buffalo Bills 9-4
  6. (WC) Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5

x = clinched a playoff spot

y = clinched division

z = clinched first round bye

Teams in the hunt for a playoff spot, meaning their chances haven’t slipped away just yet.

NFC:  Los Angeles Rams (8-6)  Chicago Bears (7-7) Philadelphia Eagles (7-7)

AFC: Oakland Raiders (6-8) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) Tennessee Titans (8-6) Indianapolis Colts (6-7)

 There are 2 weeks of football left before it’s time for the playoffs, meaning these standings are very much subject to change. Let’s debate, who’s projected to make the playoffs as of now, but won’t by week 17?

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