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Little Giants on the Slopes

By: Macie Nester

Three years ago, Mr. Wion, a science teacher at Waynesboro High School, had the “solid” idea to make a snowboard and ski club at Waynesboro High School. He asked one of his co-workers, Mr. Johnson, to help him get it started. These two amazing teachers love the sport and their students, so they wanted to give them a new opportunity. 

This unique club took a lot of planning and negotiating to bring together, but they did not give up. “The first thing we had to do was get permission and at the time it was Mr.Teachey who was in charge,” said Mr. Johhnson.  “He was very supportive and now Mr. Stamm is in charge and has continued to be very supportive. The next thing we had to do was get in touch with the Mountain [Wintergreen] and they were very open to the idea of getting a club started and were generous with what he would allow from our end, like how are we going to get students up there and when are we going to go.” 

Every Thursday starting in late December to the end of March or whenever the slopes close for the season, Waynesboro High School provides transportation to Wintergreen for the club. The transportation stated in a van with just a few boys, but then as the club grew they gave the club a bus, so there is plenty of room for more students to come. “This year we are looking to get hopefully over 20 students,” said Mr. Johnson. 

In addition, Wintergreen has worked out some great deals with the Snowboard and Ski Club. Season passes through the club are almost half the price as they are if you just buy them through Wintergreen and they also offer package deals, which include a lift ticket and equipment. If you are a beginner, the package deal is a great option for you. Although snowboard and ski club undoubtedly provides great deals and new opportunities, it also helps students to make new friendships and memories. 

For instance, a club member, Jackson Sherman said: “I meet one of my best friends today through Waynesboro Ski Club and my favorite memory with his is hitting the jumps through the terrain park, and getting sweet tea in the lounge.”

 In addition, Mr. Johnson said his favorite memory is “when we had a lot of fun recording the lonely hearts video and all wore red to the mountain for Valentine’s day.”

Snowboard and ski club is a great and memorable time because even though it is technically school-related, it’s a way to have fun with your peers in a relaxed environment, get rid of some stress, and pick up a great new hobby that you will have for the rest of your life. 

Waynesboro Snowboard and Ski Club at Wintergreen last year.

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