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“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Brings Back Happiness

By: Macie Nester

Was Mr. Rogers your hero when you were little? “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” was a thoughtful children’s show that was produced through the years 1968 to 2001, in which Mr. Rogers treats kids like intelligent people who deserve to know how special they are. Mr. Rogers was very inclusive and describes big problems in simple ways. He believed that children have deep feelings and we need to know how to respond to them correctly. In addition, his theory was “love your neighbor and love yourself.” Children all over the world wanted to be Mr. Roger’s neighbor and were greatly affected by him. 

There is a new movie called “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” which came out on November 22, 2019, which is based on the show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”. This movie is a true story about how a journalist’s life is enriched by friendship when he takes on an assignment profiling Fred Rogers. It is based on the real-life friendship between journalist Tom Junod and Fed Rogers. Tom Junod published this magazine article on Mr. Roger’s career more than 20 years ago. Some individuals may have not seen Mr. Rogers as a hero or a friend because they believed that being special comes from working hard and having high expectations for yourself. I believe that as Tom Junod was profiling Fred Rogers he realized that Mr. Rogers was not only able to teach young children that they are precious, but that adults like himself are precious too.

This new movie celebrates the virtues of patient listening, gentleness and the honest expression of feelings. Hence, I believe that this movie will be a big hit because many young kids who lived between 1968 and 2001 who were affected by “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” will now be able to relive how special he made them feel and they will realize that they are still just as special, even if they have grown up. In addition, I think that the generation of kids today will be affected by this movie because they will see how their parents were changed by Mr. Rogers. All in all, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” will not only bring back childhood happiness, but it will also create a new sense of happiness for everyone.

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