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Riverdale: Luke Perry Memorial Episode

By: Natalie Strack

The first episode of the new season of Riverdale was dedicated to former star Luke Perry. It was a beautiful way to honor the actor and his work on the show. One of the more emotional parts about watching the show was not only that he was a great character, but he acted like himself on the show and in real life outside the show. Not only were the other actors on the show saying goodbye to him, but the people who watched the show were too. 

Sammy Hodge, a WHS student and fan of the show said, “It was pretty emotional because it was having to let go of someone who helped you in life who didn’t know that they helped you.” she feels that the producers of the show could have put more about his real-life on the end of the episode. Her favorite scene is when the woman put flowers on the spot where he died after he sacrificed his life for hers. Another powerful scene was when the character F.P. Jones gave Perry’s character, Fred Andrews” a police escort back into town with all of Riverdale supporting Archie and welcoming him back to Riverdale.

Alexis Nedd, a TV critic on Mashable, said, “ Luke Perry was the best Riverdale had to offer, and their best was honored beautifully.” Not only was Perry a friend of all the other actors, he was like a mentor to all of them. A month after his passing, Archie actor, KJ Apa, revealed to Jimmy Fallon that Perry would call Apa’s parents every week to let them know he was taking care of their son while they were shooting. 

Luke Perry was universally recognized as a good person and will be truly missed by everyone. He played his character well because he was like his character in real life, and he went too soon. Rest in Peace, Luke Perry, you will be missed.

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Luke Perry (left) KJ Apa (right)

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