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iPhone 11: Are all the Changes Worth It?

By: Ruth Fiske

I assume you have heard of the new iPhone 11 which was released on September 20th. The iPhone XR is priced around $749 and the iPhone 11 starts at $699. Yes, it may only be a fifty dollar difference but most people were excited about the iPhone 11 being slightly cheaper.

Two weeks after the release date, a new report said that the iPhone 11 was selling so well that Apple ordered as many as eight million units from suppliers. The main change on the iPhone 11 is the ultra-wide view lenses. The other changes are the dual-lens rear camera, the 6.1” liquid retina display, night mode, Dolby atmos, more durable glass, and new colors. Some of these changes come with the IOS 13 but most of them come from the new iPhone 11. I personally do not know of a lot of people that switched to the iPhone 11, but I had the chance to talk to my fellow classmate Key Key Brandon about how she is liking the iPhone 11. 

I asked her if she liked the iPhone 11. “Yeah, but the camera quality is not as good as the older phones,” she said. “I personally think that the iPhone 7 has the best camera quality.”

I also asked her about the new IOS 13 update and how she is liking it.  “For the IOS 13, I like everything but something is the messages got deleted and I don’t like that,” Key Key said. “Overall, I like the iPhone 11 better because you still have an animoji, dark mode, and more.”

The iPhone 11 could be a great choice for you or it could be better to stick with the phone that you already have. Everyone has different preferences but overall it would not be a waste if you decide to invest in the new iPhone 11.

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