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Construction or Disruption

    By: Macie Nester   

Although Waynesboro High School is currently being renovated in order for the student to have a better learning environment, many individuals believe that the noise and random changes going on is negatively affecting them during the school day. 

Waynesboro High School was built in the 1930s and had additional wings added in 1950 and 1970. Now it is 2019 and a lot of construction needs to be done. Hence, now there is a $20 million first stage to make the new school. This stage includes a brand-new Career and Technical Education Academy in the former News Virginian building across the street from the school. In addition, the front parking lot, main entrance, administrative offices have been finished. Those are the only parts of the school that are finished. In other words, the construction workers are very behind. Currently, the construction workers are working on renovating all three floors. They work before school, during school, and after school. The construction causes lots of loud noises, blocked off classrooms, and physical change. Due to this. there are a lot of distractions for the students and teachers during the school day. To get personal perspectives of the construction I interviewed a student, a teacher, and a whole class. 

 I interviewed Jackson Sherman, a student at Waynesboro High School. Jackson is affected by the construction more than other students because he has two classes in the same classroom two blocks in a row. This classroom is affected by construction because it is on the third floor and the room below it is being renovated, so there’s a lot of loud noises and distractions. Once, while Jackson was in this classroom, a construction worker drilled through the floor below him a mere two feet away from where he was sitting. Now there is a taped-over hole right in front of his desk. I asked him if he has gotten used to the noises and blocked off sections of the school. Jackson said, “No, I have not gotten used to it. It’s rather annoying that there are things going on that we do not know about, it’s like they are trying to hide it. Also when I am trying to do my work, the noises really distract me and I can’t focus.” Next, I asked him how he felt when his foot almost got drilled through. “ I felt rather violated in my personal space,” he said. “Because there was a very sharp object coming through the floor at a high velocity towards my foot.”  

This is Jackson Sherman. The tape on the ground is covering up the hole in the floor. 

Next, I interviewed Mr. Pahl, Jackson’s teacher for the class in which he experienced the construction incident. Mr. Pahl spends block 1-3 in this classroom, which is affected by the construction. I asked Mr. Pahl if he had gotten used to the noises and blocked off sections of the school.  “No, because its keeps changing,” he said. “If it was the same sections that were blocked off I would probably get used to it, but because it’s different you don’t really get used to it. Same thing with the noise.” Then I asked him if he gets easily distracted by the noise. “Yes, if I try to get work done during my planning period and theres alot of construction noise,” he replied. “So I have to move somewhere else.” In addition, Mr. Pahl experienced the drill going through the floor, just like Jacskon did, and it made him concerned about the safety of his students. All in all, even though Mr. Pahl does his best to ignore the construction, it still affects him and his students. 

Last of all, I interviewed Mrs. Loyacanos 3rd block. I interviewed this class because it is always distubed by the construction below them. First of all, I asked them the question “How long has the construction been affecting you?” All of them agreed that the construction has been affecting them sense it started, the 2nd semester of freshman year, so basically it has been affecting them their whole high school career. They mentioned many ways the construction affects them. One student said “The halls are now very congested because of the construction and it is very hard for us to get places.” Another student shared a specific example of a time they were affected by the construction. “I was walking up to the track and the construction vehicle was in motion” the student said. “The workers were all around it with hard hats and I didn’t know where I was supposed to go, so I had to walk around the football field and it took me a lot longer.” 

All in all, the construction at Waynesboro High School has been really affecting the students and faculty. Even though they know that their school will be better when it is all finished, they still get distracted, nervous, and irritated because of it.

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