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Community Comes Together to Support Athletes in Game of Two Undefeated Teams

By: Raylene Dewhurst

Friday night, two high school football teams, both close in community, came together in competition each trying to keep their 9-0 win streak this season. 

It was a pretty crowded game, people from all around the Shenandoah Valley attended. Supporters from both teams were nervous about who was going to win. Stuarts Draft had an excellent season, but Riverheads pretty much had this game in the bag.

The game sold out tickets for seats last Sunday, and people were already setting up their spots last weekend. One hour before the game started, the Cougar Stadium was already packed with fans, and it was difficult to find a parking spot.

The amount of fans in the stands for both teams was immense. Both sides of the bleachers were packed. People were standing along the fence on every side. There was so much maroon and red, and you could distinguish the Cougar pride from the Red pride.

“I was shocked by how many people showed up, considering how cold it is out here. I already can’t feel my toes” said Riverheads fan Kevin Dewhurst. People had blankets, layers, and someone even brought a space heater.

After the first half people began to leave the game due to the score. By halftime, the Gladiators were already in the lead, 28-14. The people began to predict the winner of the game, and their predictions were right. 

The Gladiators defeated the Cougars 49-14 at SDHS, but both teams had the love and support from their community. Both teams will begin the playoffs this Friday, and hopefully one of them will head off to states in December.

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