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Another Winless Season For The Giants

By: Peyton McNorton

How many high schools in Virginia have a twenty game losing streak? Not many, but one of the high schools, Waynesboro High School Varsity Football just finished their season with an overall record of 0-10 for the second year in a row. 

“It’s disappointing,” said WHS head coach, Shawn Moran. “But if you can handle 10-0, then you can handle 0-10.” 

Although the football team didn’t earned any wins, freshman linebacker and quarterback, Adam Jackson enjoys being with his coaches and teammates.

“I’ve made a lot of close friends and improved my skills as a QB since I’ve never played that position,” Jackson said. “My teammates and coaches encouraged me each game to do better.” 

Moran is proud of the football team with their positive attitudes throughout the whole season with losses.

“I thought the kids had great attitudes about the circumstances and they have been a pleasure to work with,” Moran said. “We have a great group of young men in our program and I’m proud of them for that.” 

Throughout this season, the team has been improving since their first football game that occurred in August.

“We definitely improved,” Jackson said. “We started working as a team and are communicating better.” 

Moran agrees with Jackson that the team has improved since their first game.

“We have like seventeen guys that never played varsity football before,” Moran said. “And those seventeen guys have been improving each game.” 

As the band performs during halftime, the football team sits in the locker room while Moran tries to inspire the team. 

“Moran tries to give us inspirational talks about who wants it more,” Jackson said. “My teammates and I are disappointed during halftime with the score, but we try our best to finish out the game strong.” 

“I think the team had pretty good spirit during halftime,” Moran said. “They have so much respect during that time.” 

On Friday, October 25th, the team was supposed to travel to Spotswood High School for an away game against the Trailblazers, but that ended up being forfeited by WHS due to not many players going to the game. 

“We only had eighteen players that were going to play at that time,” Moran said. “And it was hard to replace their positions for the game, so we had to forfeit.” 

Friday, November 8th, was the last game of the season and it was also senior night for the football players, cheerleaders, and band members. Moran is proud of the three seniors that played throughout these years and from Friday night. 

“I’m very proud of those three seniors for them to commit to play for us,” Moran said. “They have a lot of respect for the effort they have given.” 

Not only was it the last game, it was also a chance to beat Broadway High School Gobblers who was also winless at that time. 

“We still went into knowing that they were a physical team,” Jackson said. “It was a 50/50 chance to see who was gonna get their first win that night.” 

Moran thinks it was one of the winnable games the team had since they played Wilson Memorial High School.

“From a coaches perspective, you get a pretty good view of what your chances are,” Moran said. “It was one of the games we thought we would compete in, which we did and it was a big game stretch.” 

Broadway High School ended up getting their first win of the season with the score of 24-35. Although it wasn’t what the team wanted, it was probably one of the best games that season. 

Throughout this season the team either scored no touchdowns, or only one touchdown. 

“I was disappointed that we didn’t come out on top. Especially for the seniors that Friday night, because we wanted to win for them.” Jackson said. “They have been leaders on our team with a lot of underclassmen.” 

As this season is over, the Giants are preparing for next season to earn some wins next year. The team still has hope into next season. 

“I hope during the off season we can get more people to come out for weightlifting,” Jackson said. “ And I hope that all the returning players can get bigger and stronger, so that we can have a chance to win some games.” 

As Moran returns another year of coaching, he also hopes to get more people to play. 

“Hopefully we can get more people to commit. Not to just to play football, but commit to program,” Moran said. “It’s more than coming out playing for three months, it’s more of an investment.” 

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