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2020 Presidential Candidate Summary

By Dregan Giles

Democratic Candidates Bernie Sanders (left), Elizabeth Warren (middle), Joe Biden (right) and President Donald J. Trump (bottom)

With 2020 coming towards us faster than ever, there will be plenty of seniors/just graduated students who will be eligible to vote. Meaning for our 2020 election it will be President Trump going against one of the seventeen candidates. Our voices do matter, and voting is a key example of the voice of the people. Getting out and voting may seem inefficient on a national level due to having both popular and electoral vote but on a local view, voting is more important than you think. So before you vote at least be sure of who you want to put your vote in for. If you’re unsure of who you’d vote for, here’s a little bit of info on the top four.

First, let’s start with our current president, Donald Trump. The leading Republican for the 2020 presidential race, he was originally a businessman before announcing his run in 2016. Although facing impeachment, under the Trump administration, job growth has continued, and unemployment rates have fallen. Although on paper what he’s done for this country looks good, he’s currently undergoing steps to impeachment for “betraying his oath” as president of the US.

For our first of the few major Democratic Party candidates, I’ll start with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, you may recognize this name as he ran for the presidency in 2016. He came close but wasn’t able to get the nomination over Hillary Clinton. He’s a “democratic socialist.” Socialism is the belief of the government being ruled as a whole. Sanders has also fought for shortening the middle class, fought against global warming and emphasized the usage of renewable energy sources like solar power and windmills, attempted to make healthcare and education affordable for everyone.  

Next, is the candidate who will likely receive the nomination as he’s been leading most polls. Joe Biden running for president wouldn’t be his first time with any title of presidential power, Biden served as Barack Obama’s vice president from 2008-2016. Biden believes in using renewable energy, stopping gun violence with certain regulations put on purchasing and owning a gun. He’s not about free college like Bernie, but he supports giving every student a path for a career no matter your gender, age, and ethnicity.

This candidate is probably the last of the three who will have a real chance at the nominee unless a miracle were to happen. Elizabeth Warren was originally a US Senator for the state of Massachusetts, she plans to bring the power back to the middle class and remove the corrupt political powers in Washington that support the 1% and nothing else. She’s promoting equal justice between wealth class and ethnicity.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but it’s essential to know that your vote does matter. In the year 2020, there will be a lot of students still attending high school as well as recent graduates now becoming eligible to vote. Change can happen, but it’s not going to happen if we aren’t taking the steps to elect those who’ll make that change. It all comes down to finding the ability to rise against the unfairness and corruption in political power.

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