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2015 National Champs to 2019 Rebuilding

UVA baseball is a huge deal for Virginia Cavalier fans, simply because UVA baseball has been so dominant in the NCAA, and their conference the ACC. At just about every UVA home game you will see the crowd decked out in blue and orange, and a ton of players jerseys. At the 2015 home opener baseball game at Davenport field, everybody in the stadium knew that UVA was going to have an extremely good season, if they were a huge UVA fan or not. The atmosphere at the game was outlandish. The whole crowd was always on their feet, making as much noise as possible. There is no break at all, the fans were constantly stomping, clapping, and cheering for the Wahoos. 

UVA baseball under the lights.

The 2015 UVA baseball season rolled by, and going into the NCAA Tournament UVA had the best record in all of college baseball. UVA baseball was considered an absolute powerhouse, but so was another team, Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt and UVA went back and forth the whole season fighting for the number one rank in the nation. Ultimately Vanderbilt got the number one rank after beating LSU at their home field, but this did not stop UVA.

 Both teams absolutely went off in the tournament, beating every team they faced by multiple runs and not letting up on anyone they played. Then what was no shock to anybody, UVA and Vanderbilt both ended up in College World Series championship game. UVA beat the powerful Mississippi State team to advance to the championship, while Vanderbilt had beat the big and bad Flordia Gators. Both teams were itching to get to play each other especially because it is the biggest game in all of college baseball. All the way in Ohama, where history is made for one team, and hearts are broken for the other team. Every single team that is a part of NCAA baseball works, plays, and grinds to get to play at Ohama for the CWS. 

On June 21 in Ohama, Nebraska, UVA, and Vanderbilt are taking batting practice and fielding drills to get in their routine for game one. All the players, coaches, and fans were ready for the 7 pm start time. Vanderbilt put two quick runs on the board to start the game, then racked on two more runs to take game one. UVA exchanged places with Vanderbilt in game two with a 7-2 victory. This means the series is tied at 1-1, and the next team to win are college baseball national champions. UVA proved that they are the best team by taking the championship game and the 2015 National championship title. 

Fast forward to 2019 and UVA is working harder and harder to get back to the college baseball powerhouse and national champs that they were four years ago. The UVA baseball team is in a rebuilding phase right now. This means the whole UVA National championship roster is gone. Most graduated and other players were good enough to get drafted to Major Leagues. Not only are all of the old players are gone, but recently the great pitching coach, Karl Kuhn, left his position at UVA and is pursuing the head coach position at Radford University. UVA’s baseball team now is very young, a lot of players are underclassmen. 

There is no doubt that there is a chip on UVA’s shoulder this year. Despite everybody looking at UVA baseball thinking they are going to fail, UVA just tunes all of that out and plays their game. They are looking to do more than just succeed, UVA baseball wants to dominate college baseball again.

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