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Waynesboro HighSchool Will Not Have A JV Football Team In 2019 Season

By: Jackson Sherman

Imagine not having a JV Football team at your high school, when every high school in the district has one. Welcome to Waynesboro Highschool.

The Waynesboro JV football team no longer exists as of the 2019 football season. The reason for this decision, made by the athletic directors at Waynesboro high school, is due to lack of participation by football athletes at the school. Waynesboro believes this was the best decision for the football program, because it provides the varsity team with a full roster, and multiple strings for each position. “This decision is the best way for the Varsity Football players to have a positive experience this season,” the school said in a statement posted to the school’s website.

Junior, Micheal Smith is a middle linebacker for Waynesboro Varsity football. “ JV football at Waynesboro helped me prepare for what varsity is going to be like, and get me ready for the more complicated and more competitive level of varsity,” said Smith. Sophomore, Skylar Carson is a wing-back (aka running back) for Waynesboro Varsity football, and he said JV football helped him a lot last year. “I learned how to work as a team and developed the skills necessary to play on the varsity level,” Carson said.

In the Waynesboro community, there have been mixed feelings about Waynesboro not having a JV football team. The school and athletic directors have gotten positive and negative feedback about the situation. Smith gave his thoughts about it, “I think it was a good idea to take out the JV team this season because it made what would have been JV players to take a huge step to play varsity and I believe they were ready for it.” Many students, parents, and people of the community are arguing that the players that were supposed to play JV this year are not going to be developed, nor prepared for the following seasons because they don’t have a high school team to play on. Smith went on to say, “I think once they see it is just a mental thing that they can get over, they will develop their skills and talents much quicker and turn into very good football players.”

Thankfully this will not be the end of the Waynesboro JV football program. According to the statement posted on the school website, “The JV program is not being eliminated and hopefully can be restored in 2020.”

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