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Powderpuff 2019

By Kamren Hale

The junior class before their game.

Last week WHS held their powder puff game. Powderpuff at WHS is when girls can sign up ato play football and the boys can also sign up to be cheerleaders. The junior class was supposed to play the freshman class, unfortunately the freshman class didn’t have enough players to form a team. As a result the junior team went straight to the finals. The senior class the played the sophomore class and at first it was close by the half. Then the senior class took over the game and by the end of the game the score was 21-6. After the game the boys did theirs cheers and they put on a show for the crowd. The sophomore class only had 1 student cheer for them, wearing a dinosaur outfit. The junior class had four members. Their props included a small kid jeep, a clown mask, and a sign mocking the senior class. Finally the senior class put spiderman in their cheer and also unmasked our old principal which made the crowd go wild. This lead to the championship game: the junior versus senior class. Right as soon as it started, it was a good game but the seniors scored first and then shortly after they scored again. At the end of the first quarter the juniors finally scored. At the end of the game, the juniors scored with no time left on the clock and all they needed was a 2pt conversion. On the last play of the game they had a girl wide open in the right corner and she dropped the pass. The seniors won the spirit stick and the final score was 14-12. As the week came to an end, all that remained was the Homecoming game on Friday and the dance on Saturday.

The bleachers with all the classes and teachers on the track.

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