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New Faces At WHS Part 1: Lori Henderson

By: Peyton McNorton

There are many new changes this 2019-2020 school year at Waynesboro High School. Building changes, new students, new classes, and even new teachers. Some of these new faces have been teaching for many years and some are fairly new to the profession. This is the first of a series of new teacher profiles.

I interviewed Lori Henderson, a new Algebra teacher, and asked her how it has been so far this school year.

Q: Have you had a previous experience with teaching? If yes, why did you decide to come here? If no, how did you start?

Henderson: This is my sixth year teaching. I spent the past five years teaching in Danville, VA. My husband and I decided to move to Waynesboro for his job and I wanted to find a teaching job that is ten minutes away from my house.

Q: How do you plan on becoming involved in the school beyond just teaching? 

Henderson: I am currently one of the co-sponsors of pep club. I’m also getting involved with the staff committee that I am on and just going to games, events, and things that this school has.

Q: What has been challenging so far?

Henderson: Just getting adjusted to how a different school does things differently. There’s a lot more freedom here as a teacher. 

Q: What has been good so far?

Henderson: Students have been positive, respectful, and flexible with all of the construction going on.

Q: How has the relationship been with other teachers?

Henderson: Really wonderful. Everybody has been really supportive and has been checking up on me and seeing if I needed anything. 

Q: What are you most excited about this year?

Henderson: I’m most excited to see the changes in the building. 

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