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Homecoming 2019

By: Jaydn Wood and Peyton McNorton

Homecoming was on Saturday, September 21st. There were many changes for the dance this year. Some of these changes included a new location for the dance itself, and new music options.

Although there were changes, and there were some people that loved homecoming 2019, there were also some people that didn’t enjoy the experience as much as in previous years.

Many people said they did have a fun time at the dance. They enjoyed dancing and chatting with their friends. However, several people did not like it due to the music and the location. This year, the dance was in the gym instead of the cafeteria.

“I think having the dance in the cafeteria would be better,” Sam Sikora said. “Because, you were allowed to go outside on the court yard to cool off.”

Homecoming king, Mckinley Bell, had mixed feelings about the dance.

“I mean I liked it. I had a good time,” Bell said. “Just the one thing I would change is the music selection.” 

Although Bell had a good experience at his last homecoming dance, he also had a good experience as being homecoming king. 

“My experience as homecoming king was pretty cool,” Bell said. “I got a lot of positive comments from my classmates, teachers, and even community members.” 

Bell wasn’t surprised that the won the homecoming king title.

“I don’t really have a good explanation for why I wasn’t surprised,” Bell said. “I just kind of knew.”

WHS senior, Kristen Wagner, is proud for Bell.

“I love Mckinley to death,” Wagner said. “The best moment was when his name and the homecoming queen’s name was announced and hearing my senior homecoming court friends cheering so loud.”

Wagner was one of the nominees for homecoming queen. Although she wasn’t the winner, she didn’t care that she lost.

“I would’ve felt like a winner even if I wasn’t on court,” Wagner said. “Because, being a part of the senior class is a win by itself.”

Wagner is going to miss seeing all of her friends being happy and having a good time at the dance.

“I think another thing I’ll miss is everybody uniting and everyone else, as well as me just having a good time dancing,” Wagner said. “There’s nothing like it.”

Bell is going to miss the experiences he had at his last homecoming dance.

“I’m probably going to miss the fun times with my friends,” Bell said. “It’s crazy to think that I’ll never be at WHS homecoming dances and events ever again.”

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