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Staff Bio About Macie Nester

This picture demonstrates who Macie is, a very outgoing and Tumblr girl.
Photo By: Shauna Wilson

By: Shauna Wilson

Macie Nester is a Journalism 1 student in the 11th grade. She has 2 brothers and a dog. Macie likes to pack her lunch because she likes to eat her own food. Macie took journalism because she had a free block, her guidance counselor told her to take journalism because the new teacher is “cool.” Her only friend in this class is Jayden because he’s the nicest 9th grader she knows. She does Cross Country and track, but even though she enjoys running she is definitely a Tumblr girl! She loves to hang out with friends and go snowboarding. When she leaves Waynesboro High School she wants to go to college and become a vet. She sees herself in 5 years still at college, she also hopes in 10 years she will have gone to Australia. Macie is that Tumblr girl you want to be friends with.

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