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Shauna Wilson Journalism 3 Staff Bio About her Amazing Life

By: Macie Nester

Shauna takes a picture beside her best friend.

Shauna Wilson is a Junior at Waynesboro High School in Journalism 3. This quote really reflects Shauna’s life. First of all, she really enjoys working with kids because they are exciting and make her day. She would really like to work with kids as her career when she grows up, perhaps a teacher. She is unsure of what college she would like to attend or even if college is the right path for her. Her favorite parts of school right now are Journalism 3 and doing interactive activities in class, but she is not a big fan of chemistry because it is hard for her to understand. In addition, Shauna is a very fun and friendly person. She loves to spend time with her brother Joseph, her friends, and her aunt’s pets. Fun fact, Shauna loves scrunchies, but isn’t a vsco girl! All in all, Shauna has a big future ahead of her and will do great things in the world.

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