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New Year, New Position

By: Peyton McNorton

After recent administrative changes, Katie Ford is now an assistant principal at Waynesboro High School.      

Ford started out as a James Madison University student and was majoring in business, but she hated it. 

“I didn’t like my classes,” Ford said. “I wasn’t good at it.” 

Ford figured she should switch to a major that made more sense for her. She switched to English as a major with a minor in education.

“I loved it. I loved every education class that I took,” Ford said. “And after that, I got hooked on becoming a teacher.” 

Although Ms. Ford is excited about her new position at WHS, she claims she will miss teaching English to many students.

“I’m going to miss having a class full of kids that are mine,” Ford said. “Getting to know kids, lesson planning, doing cool activities with kids. I’m going to miss that a lot.”

New Waynesboro High School principal Bryan Stamm believes there are many strengths Ford might have transitioning from an English teacher to an administrator.

“From her being a teacher, it gives her more opportunities to understand things more,” Stamm said. “She knows the building more, the staff more, the students more.”

Ms. Ford loves her assistant principal position. She loves being able to do a lot more things than she used to.

“I get to do more large projects and help teachers a lot than before,” Ford said. “And I get to help guide the direction of the school. It’s really satisfying.” 

Ms. Ford already planned on becoming an assistant principal about three or four years ago and she went to school to get her master’s degree for administration.

“It was something I was working towards,” Ford said. “But I did not go into teaching thinking I was going to be a principal.”

Being an assistant principal can be challenging in the first year, as Ms. Ford is learning.

“Managing everything that comes along has been challenging,” Ford said. “I’m in charge of maintenance, custodial, but also some of the discipline and teacher observations. So it’s been a lot.”   

Although the new position has new challenges, Ms. Ford has had positive experiences so far this school year.

“Getting to help make decisions for the school has been exciting,” Ford said. “And getting to talk to kids that are struggling. That has been satisfying.” 

Ford’s relationship with the other administrators and teachers has been amazing so far this school year.

“We laugh a lot. Which I think is important,” Ford said. “But we also have a similar vision of the direction of the school.”

Amber Loyacano, an English teacher at WHS, is very close friend and colleague of Ms.Ford.

Loyacano feels like Ford is doing a great job in the role of an administrator. 

“Instead of just being a colleague, now she is also like a supporter,” Loyacano said. “Instead of being far away from the classrooms, she still comes to us asking us what’s going on.”  

Ms. Ford can’t wait to see what she will accomplish this school year.

“I get to finally be a principal! This is so exciting!” Ford exclaimed. “But I think I’m just excited to see the school year from a different perspective is exciting.”

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