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Natalie Strack Journalism 1

By: Samantha Hodge

Natalie Strack is a Freshman reporter for the Journalism 1 class of 2019. Natalie enrolled in this class because she enjoys taking photos and writing. After graduation Natalie wants to go straight to college, she wants to go to Harvard. She either wants to get a teaching degree or go to the police academy to become a police officer for the Florida police department. When spring break comes around she wants to visit Italy because it is a beautiful place and she wants to try all the new foods. To get to where she wants to go in life, Natalie wants to focus on her school work and study with no distractions. In her free time, Natalie likes to sleep, eat, watch Netflix, and hang out with friends. Natalie is most proud of going to a music camp over the summer, it was a big camp and she was on the news! The best part of all, it was in Georgia and she was there for 2 weeks.

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