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Meet Hailey Tabor

By: Dregan Giles

Hailey Tabor, is in 9th grade and is a student as WHS. She currently doesn’t have a solid career choice for the future, but is hoping to graduate and find a good job.  In 5-10 years she sees herself in college getting her degree. She isn’t sure of what she’s most proud of. Hailey has 4 brothers and 1 sister. Her favorite teacher was her 8th grade algebra teacher, Mr Terry. Hailey’s hobbies are drawing and rollerskating. She takes no part in any school organizations. Her least favorite thing about school is the crowded hallways. Hailey doesn’t bring a lunch to school. Her reason for joining journalism is her interest in writing, writing for announcements, and newspapers. Aside from talks of WHS and KCMS she wants to go to New York. After highschool she intends to have a good job, be a homeowner, and have kids.

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