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Kamren Hale : Journalism 2 Student

By: Ruth Fiske

Kamren Hale is currently a junior at Waynesboro High School. After high school, Kamren would like to attend LSU because of their baseball program. Kamren’s goal is to make it into the MLB.  If he does not make it into the MLB, his backup plan is to go into the marines. If Kamren could pick one place to go, he would go to Paris. Along with playing baseball, Kamren wrestles and plays football. Playing the keyboard and guitar is something that Kamren enjoys. Kamren also enjoys fishing and playing with his nieces. Along with having nieces, Kamren has one brother and six sisters. Kamren’s favorite thing about school is that he gets to see his friends. In journalism class, Kamren’s friends are Jackson, Macie, Shauna, and Dregan. Kamren enrolled into this journalism class because he likes writing, getting to know people, and taking pictures. Kamren is most proud of his work ethic. He strives to do his best, even if he fails, he will not give up. 

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