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Introducing Raylene Dewhurst

By: Peyton McNorton

Raylene Dewhurst is a Journalism 1 junior at WHS. Dewhurst came from Riverheads High School and came here after her grandfather gave her family his house. Dewhurst decided to try something new this year, so she enrolled in journalism. “I really like to write,” Dewhurst said. “It gives me something new to try.” Dewhurst wants to try to be in photo club or creative writing club before she graduates. After graduating, Dewhurst wants to go to a cosmetology college to get her cosmetology license. Dewhurst’s hobbies are doing makeup, hair, drawing, and writing. Dewhurst’s favorite food is chinese food. Especially lo mein, orange chicken, and egg rolls. Dewhurst is really proud that she passed all of her classes at Riverheads before coming here. If Dewhurst could go anywhere in the world, it would be Russia, because she says there is an Ed Sheeran statue and she wants to go see it before she dies. One thing Dewhurst is really excited about this school year is her mythology class she’ll be taking next semester. She is excited for journalism this year! 

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