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Dregan Giles the Future Star

By: Hailey Tabor

Dregan Giles is a Junior at Waynesboro High School. He’s in Journalism 1 and Dregan took up this class because he loves to write and it just seemed like the perfect class for him. His friends in Journalism are Kamren and Hailey. After high school, he wants to go to Washington State University so he can take their amazing course for computer science. After he finishes college he wants to move out west, to Arizona for more opportunities, he would be heading there with lots of potential so it would definitely work out. Overall his favorite thing about school is socializing with friends that he didn’t see over the summer and it gives him something to do instead of being bored all day. Dregan has one brother and one sister and enjoys playing video games. He enjoys playing the guitar and of course, writing!

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