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Do you want to know the real Cindy? Well read about her, in this Staff Bio

By: Ailanna Ross

Cindy Hernandez is a Freshman at Waynesboro High School. In 5 years Cindy wants to go to college to design houses. She has two siblings, one sister, and one brother. Cindy’s brother’s name is Diego and he’s eleven, her sister’s name is Lucero she’s four, Cindy is the oldest out of all of them. One thing Cindy is proud of is being happy and not letting negative feelings get to her. The one sport that Cindy really loves is soccer. She loves soccer because when she was born she always wanted to watch her dad play soccer. Her dad always wanted to teach her how to play soccer. If Cindy could go anyplace or see anything in the world she could, she would want to go to Dallas, Texas. The reason why she would want to go is that most of her kind live there they would have a lot in common. She also thinks that is really pretty and everyone is very loud, which is a good thing. She would most definitely enjoy it, by surrounding herself with friends and family, and she would also want to live there in the future.

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