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Giants softball makes giant improvements

By: Jackson Sherman

The Waynesboro Varsity Softball team has 3 wins and 8 loses at half way through the season, and looking to turn it around. The team is looking for a win against Broadway next week.

Varsity Softball lines up for the playing of the national anthem.
Photo taken by: Victoria Mininger

“The main struggle in the season so far is the players are getting in their heads when they are down and not trying to come back from it,” said Coach Bowen, the assistant WHS Varsity Softball Coach. “They will get down and instead of fighting to crawl back and pull out a win, they blame themselves for the outcome and that causes them to do worse.”

Some of the setbacks during the season have been not having enough players at certain times and players not wanting to be a part of team. “These setbacks have been frustrating to the coaching staff and the players,” said Bowen.

Now trying to turn it around the softball team is working on defensive drills and their communication skills in the field. “These drills are going to help them play as a team and work harder during games,” said Bowen.

The drills involve players working on their foot work and creating momentum to the ball to make a strong and accurate throw. Bowen believes the drills are going to make a difference in games and hopefully change the outcome.

Kaitlyn Mininger, centerfielder for the Little Giants Softball team, wants to hit better this season and bring more to the plate. “I want to be more consistent when I hit and get better at hitting to different parts of the field,” said Mininger. “ I believe it will help my batting average and score more runs, which will lead to the team winning.”

Mininger is working on her game everyday and is playing travel softball to get extra work and playing time.“I will get there with extra practice, working on game scenarios, and getting mentally focused for each play of the game,” said Mininger.  

Mininger is preparing to play in districts and wants to win. “I’m preparing by finishing the season strong, working everyday on hitting and fielding, and motivating her teammates to win,” said Mininger

Mininger motivates her team by cheering on her teammates and even breaking down plays for success.

“The main things we will have to do as a team to win is pick each other up when we are down, get out of slumps, and stay mentally strong all 7 innings,” said Mininger.

Coach Bowen plans to finish the season strong, and put up a fight in districts!

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