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The Dream Team

By: Abby Sikora

WHS Boy’s Tennis Team. Left to right: Parker Wood, Anita Sowers, Samuel Pereles, Luke Young, Grayson Wood, Parker Willetts, Avery Paiste, Nigel Stewart. Kneeling: Rakim Al-Hajj, Camden Miller. Picture by Heather Miller.

The Waynesboro Boy’s Tennis Team finished the regular season with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses, making them district champs two years in a row.

“The success is due to the hard work and dedication of every member of this team,” said Anita Sowers, the new coach for the Waynesboro Boy’s Tennis Team.

Sowers has been coaching tennis for eleven years now. She started coaching at Lee High School, then at a tennis camp, then at Wintergreen, and now here at Waynesboro. This year has been her first year coaching at Waynesboro and has given her some challenges.

“Given that it is not my first time coaching, but my first time with WHS, my biggest challenge is knowing the caliber of our competition,” said Sowers.  “I do not know how good or bad the other schools we play are.”

While facing these challenges, Sowers believes she has been able to bring in a more technical and strategized type of play for the team. Rather than just hitting and playing games during practice, Sowers enjoys working with the boys through technical drills.  The boys on the team appreciate Sowers and her hard work.

“Coach Sowers has really pushed us hard this season. She takes time to help each player individually on and off the court,” said Luke Young, a junior on the team.

The boy’s goal coming into the year was to make it to the state tournament. Now that the team has just made it to the district tournament, they are one step closer to accomplishing that goal. With all the stress that can come from these matches, the team works together to make this time more exciting rather than stressful.

“This team has helped me learn and get better in a fun environment,” said Young.

Coach Sowers believes having a well rounded team is important in tennis because they all have to work together to be successful.

“Every single member of this team has worked hard and had many successes. They all stand out,” said Sowers.

Sowers knows the team is good enough to make it to Regionals this year, but she said she understands that they need to take it one game at a time in order to get there.

“This team is a ‘Dream Team’.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of young men to coach,” said Sowers. “They are motivated, persistent, hard-working, skilled, courteous, respectful, and a lot of fun.”

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Journalism Hat Drive '19

Announcements May 13 – May 17, 2019


You have until Friday, May 17th to bring in hats and get prizes! Let’s GO GIANTS!
  • Don’t spend the summer sitting on your couch!  Planet Fitness is offering a Teen Fitness challenge.  Students ages 15-18 can join for free for the summer (May 15-September 1).
  • Yearbooks are being distributed during advisory and all three lunches at the Concession stand through Wednesday, May 15th. Beginning on Thursday, May 16th, please see Mrs. Musick in room 255 to pick up your book.
  • Any students wanting to enroll in Mentorship next year need to see Mrs. Gilbert by Friday, May 17th.  Please bring a filled out application with you.
  • Juniors: In August, you will have a chance to schedule a Senior Portrait with Gentry when they come to the school to take pictures. If you would like to go to their studio to have pictures taken this summer, you may contact them directly. Going to Gentry’s studio will allow you to have different shots in different settings if you want to specialize your Senior pictures. Teachers of Juniors have been given handouts about specials that Gentry is promoting this summer.  You may also pick one up in the office. If you have questions, ask Mrs. Musick.


  • KEY CLUB members please remember to join us Friday, May 17 at 3:20 in the Library for our new officers installation ceremony. Light snacks will be provided!


  • Students interested in taking a summer course through Virtual Virginia, please see your counselor. 


  • The valley district finals and consolation events scheduled for Thursday May 16th have been moved to Friday May 17th due to the weather.
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Giants softball makes giant improvements

Giants softball makes giant improvements

By: Jackson Sherman

The Waynesboro Varsity Softball team has 3 wins and 8 loses at half way through the season, and looking to turn it around. The team is looking for a win against Broadway next week.

Varsity Softball lines up for the playing of the national anthem.
Photo taken by: Victoria Mininger

“The main struggle in the season so far is the players are getting in their heads when they are down and not trying to come back from it,” said Coach Bowen, the assistant WHS Varsity Softball Coach. “They will get down and instead of fighting to crawl back and pull out a win, they blame themselves for the outcome and that causes them to do worse.”

Some of the setbacks during the season have been not having enough players at certain times and players not wanting to be a part of team. “These setbacks have been frustrating to the coaching staff and the players,” said Bowen.

Now trying to turn it around the softball team is working on defensive drills and their communication skills in the field. “These drills are going to help them play as a team and work harder during games,” said Bowen.

The drills involve players working on their foot work and creating momentum to the ball to make a strong and accurate throw. Bowen believes the drills are going to make a difference in games and hopefully change the outcome.

Kaitlyn Mininger, centerfielder for the Little Giants Softball team, wants to hit better this season and bring more to the plate. “I want to be more consistent when I hit and get better at hitting to different parts of the field,” said Mininger. “ I believe it will help my batting average and score more runs, which will lead to the team winning.”

Mininger is working on her game everyday and is playing travel softball to get extra work and playing time.“I will get there with extra practice, working on game scenarios, and getting mentally focused for each play of the game,” said Mininger.  

Mininger is preparing to play in districts and wants to win. “I’m preparing by finishing the season strong, working everyday on hitting and fielding, and motivating her teammates to win,” said Mininger

Mininger motivates her team by cheering on her teammates and even breaking down plays for success.

“The main things we will have to do as a team to win is pick each other up when we are down, get out of slumps, and stay mentally strong all 7 innings,” said Mininger.

Coach Bowen plans to finish the season strong, and put up a fight in districts!

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Giant effort makes prom magic

By: Peyton McNorton

The tuxedo and dress are ready, flowers are ordered and plans with friends are set. Prom 2019 is tomorrow, May 4th.

To make an event like prom happen, the prom committee, a group of students and faculty advisors, have worked behind the scenes for months, even years, planning and holding fundraising events.

Leonard Richards, WHS government teacher and senior class sponsor, says he is really looking forward to watching these students enjoy their hard work paying off tomorrow night.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing those seniors that worked really hard throughout their four years,” Richards said. “I want these seniors to have fun at prom because this is their last dance that they will have in high school.”.

Although prom can be fun, it can cost a lot. The senior class saved their money and held fundraisers throughout high school. This year’s senior class students started out with no money, but then raised money by doing many fundraisers.

“We have been working really hard and have raised thousands of dollars, which is pretty awesome,” said Tate Snyder, a senior who has been working on prom. “We already bought the props and it’s better than last years prom, so I’m excited to see the final look.”

Sarah Joachim, a senior helping out with prom, also thinks the fundraisers have gone well.

“I mean we have charged people to paint their parking spots, asked for donations, and held a car wash,” Joachim said. “That car wash fundraiser was so successful that we raised around $5,000, I believe.”

According to Joachim and Snyder, prom preparation have also gone well. They and a group of other students will be setting up the decorations Friday night and Saturday morning.

“I’m really looking forward to the pictures and dancing,” Joachim said. “I’m also excited to see the decorations the other senior’s and I put up.”

Snyder is most excited about spending the evening enjoying all the hard work he and his friends have put into planning prom.

“I’m just really excited to be with my friends,” Snyder said. “I’m also excited to see all of the hard work that my friends and I put into planning prom.”

Richards said he he wants prom to have more investment from other classes and other individuals in the building in the years to come.

“Prom should be a school event, not just a senior event,” Richards said. “Everybody should take part in it.”

Students involved in the planning process have attended other proms at local schools, so they have some suggestions on what they would change about WHS prom for rising seniors in the years ahead.

“I would change to no cutting of the wristbands,” Joachim said. “Another thing I would change is that the dancing should be less strict, because they are super strict about it and it’s almost never fun because of that.”

Snyder went to Riverheads High School prom on April 19. He thought their prom was fun, but Snyder didn’t like how few people went to prom.

“At Riverheads prom, everybody just stands around and talks,” Snyder said. “I like Waynesboro’s prom because more people are dancing.”

As in the past, a central event at prom is announcing the Royal Court. This year senior class sponsor Keith Smith asked WHS teachers to nominate a group of students that demonstrate qualities of character for Prom Royal Court. The 2015-16 prom committee defines character as students who exhibit “core ethical values such as caring, honesty, kindness, fairness, responsibility and respect for self and others.” Seniors voted on the prom Prince and Princess, so the Royal Court winners will be announced during prom.

Snyder was excited that he was selected as one of the nominees for Prince. Several of his friends were also nominated for prom Prince and Princess.

As seniors are getting ready to graduate, Joachim and Snyder have some advice for underclassmen students who may attend prom next year.

“I would tell them to make sure they have everything ready before hand,” Joachim said. “It can get stressful trying to get everything together at the last minute.”

Snyder has some advice for WHS students.

“Just go with friends and don’t skip prom,” Snyder said. “Get the experience of what’s it like taking pictures with friends, going out to dinner, and dancing.”

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Heritage on Main Street ad May 1, 2019

Check out a pre-prom meal offer from Heritage On Main

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