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Throwing it back with Mrs. Bowen

By: Jackson Sherman

Aislinn Bowen attended Eastern Mennonite university, where she played softball and graduated with her Bachelors degree. Then started teaching at Waynesboro High School the year she graduated from EMU. Bowen has been teaching Health/ Physical Education at WHS for three years and loves the career.

Who were the famous celebrities? Athletes?

Sports athletes were the big celebrities such as, A-rod (Alex Rodriguez), Derek Jeter, and Kobe Bryant.

What fashion trends were popular? Accessories and clothing?

Scrunches on your wrist and New Balance clogs were popular. “ Basically all of the trends that are in right now, were in back in my high school days,” said Bowen.

Favorite clothing brands?

“Everybody wore American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Hollister Mostly all of those brands are in style now,” said Bowen

What music was popular? (look up top 10 songs on web)

Popular music artists were drake and pitbull and their popular songs were: “You the best” by Drake and “Don’t stop the party” by Pitbull, both in the hip hop genre.

Favorite high school memory?

“Meeting my husband was my best memory of high school.”

What did you do in your free time? Work? Sports? Hobbies?

Bowen played basketball and softball throughout high school.

What was your first vehicle? And how old were you when you got it?

“ It was a 2004 Toyota Camry that I still have and use now, so I took pretty good care of it,” said Bowen. She went on to say that she got her car when she was 16 years old.

Favorite TV show?

“As a kid, I remember always watching Animal Planet and ‘Teen Mom’ which had came out when I was a senior, at the time it was called ’16 and Pregnant’,” said Bowen.

Favorite food? Favorite childhood snack? Favorite local restaurant?

“I had to ask my mom what I liked to eat because I don’t even remember, but apparently I liked carrots and ranch, and peanut butter and apples.”

Favorite local hangout?

Mostly sporting events and Armstrongs Restaurant.

Favorite class at school? What was your worst subject in school?

Home Ec – cooking and sewing. Bowen said, “sewing was what I liked to do in high school, especially in home Ec.

What was the BIG EVENT at your high school?

Prom and sporting events – districts, regionals, states. “Our high school was really good in sports at the time, and we always had a sport going to championships.”

Favorite vacation or trip you took? Theme park and/or carnival ride?

“ My grandparents owned a carnival that they took all over the state, so I could go and ride for free and so could all of my friends” Said Bowen.

Best field trip? Where did you go? What did you do there?

“The best trip I took in high school was probably to Texas with my boyfriend my senior year. We visited his family, went to the zoo and ate some pretty good food,” said Bowen.

Were you popular in high school? What clique or social group were you in? (geek, nerd, jock, preppy, band kid, goth)

“I didn’t really like to say I was popular, but all my friends said I was and I hung out with everybody really,” said Bowen.

What was the sneakiest thing you and your friends ever did?

“One night my softball teammates and I TP’d our coach’s house,” said Bowen.

Most embarrassing moment in high school?

“I walked into the men’s baseball locker room as a freshman in college,” Bowen said.

What was your first job? In high school or right after?

“I worked at the Wilson Elementary playground over the summer for every year up until summer 2017,” said Bowen.

Why did you want to go to EMU College?

“I wanted to go to EMU because they recruited me to play softball, and all my friends from softball were going,” said Bowen.

Mrs. Bowen and her now Husband at Senior Prom.
Mrs. Bowen and her powder puff squad, Junior year.
Mrs. Bowen and her family after High School graduation.

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