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How to be safe on icy roads

This photo provided by: The Allstate Blog Team

By: Jacob Bell & Jackson Sherman

  • Reduce speed on icy roads
  • Go easy on the brakes when turning and when stopping
  • Avoid hills and bridges if possible
  • In case of a wreck don’t stop driving slow down
  • If you skid or loose traction, stay calm
  • You should keep a sturdy ice scrapper in your car
  • Winter clothing
  • Rope or chains
  • Jumper cables
  • Water and snacks

This information provided by: how to drive on black ice and icy roads: safety tips to remember.


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  1. Preston Martin says:

    Excellent advice. Could also add cat litter/sand to help with traction when stuck or, if possible, stay at home with hot chocolate and a good book!


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