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Black Friday Survival Guide

By June Johnson

Black Friday can be a startling transition- one minute, everyone is relaxing and celebrating Thanksgiving with their family, and the next, they’re watching people fight over the last products and argue over the best deals in crowded stores.

Black Friday can be chaotic and stressful, but this advice can greatly improve your experience this November 23.

  1. Make a list, and make it well.

Instead of just scribbling down a few ideas on a post-it note, try going a few extra steps. Prioritize your list by placing the most popular items at the top. Popular items will sell out quickly, so these should be collected first. Write down your backup plan in case an item is sold out. Also, try making your list on your phone, because a paper is more likely to be lost or torn.


  1. Make a team and a plan.

Make a plan of which stores to go to, what order, and who’s going to get what in each store. When you’ve made your team, go over what everyone needs to do, make sure everyone has a copy of the list, and make sure everyone can contact each other. Other people can also help by holding your place in line if you need to leave quickly. When making your team, it isn’t a good idea to bring children, as they can get lost, bored in long lines, ask for extra items, or see their holiday gifts.


  1. Make a budget, and try to save money.

Make your budget, stick to it, and only buy what’s on your list. Bring coupons and gift cards to use, and purchase gift cards. Find the best deals on products looking at ads and signing up for store emails, store apps, and Black Friday apps. Bookmark store websites in your phone so you can access them quickly.


  1. Be safe.

In crowded stores, Black Friday can be a little dangerous. Make sure everyone on your team can contact each other easily. Text messaging is best, because stores may be too noisy for calling. Be very careful in parking lots, because there will probably be a fair amount of traffic. Don’t fight over items, and keep an eye on your cart and items at all times so no one takes anything. Keep personal items such as your wallet and phone close to you so they don’t get stolen.


  1. Other ideas:
  • Check return policies in advance.
  • Shop either early and/or late, because you are more likely to get what you need early in the morning, and you can sometimes get better deals later in the evening.
  • Dress comfortably (and in layers) in case you are in long lines in or outside a store.
  • Make sure you have energy. Get a full night’s sleep and eat before you go.



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