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Two different high schools, similar renovations

By: Peyton McNorton


In the summer of 2018, Waynesboro High School started renovations. The high school was founded in 1938 which means the high school is 80 years old.


“The high school has not been updated in years and because of that, the walls and floors are not in good condition,” Chief Executive Officer and an architect Randy Jones said. According to Jones, there are other changes that need to be made to the original plan.


“The guidance department has been in the library since school has started. We will move the library from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor where guidance used to be. The library is being moved, because there are no space requirements right now for the library,” Jones said.

Picture by: Eileen Ortiz

Picture by: Eileen Oritz

“We need to add new entrances and exits for safety reasons. As soon as someone walks into the school, they’ll need to check in at the front office before they can walk around the school building,”  Jones said.


Performance Arts classes such as Theater, Choir, and Band will be moved next to the auditorium for more space. “Students that are taking Choir, are going to have a new entrance so they don’t go through the auditorium,” Jones replied.  

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Picture by: Shauna Wilson

A lot has changed throughout these years, especially technology. A couple of examples that technology has changed are: changes to the internet, exits, and the old modernization needs to be address, and the elevators.

“We need new technology in the elevators so the elevators can be updated with technology and have better performance,” Jones said.


The first phase will be completed in December 2018 and the total planned renovation will be done by July 15,2020. “I do think we will be done by that time, however the contractor is having difficulties right now for completing the project on time due to weather,” Jones stated.


Waynesboro High School isn’t the only school in Virginia that is working on renovations. William Monroe High School in Stanardsville, Virginia is a another high school in Virginia that is doing renovations similar to WHS.


William Monroe High School was founded in 1925, which means that the high school is 93 years old. Greene County Public School board decided to renovate the school because the high school needs newer technology and is dangerous right now.


“Renovations to William Monroe High School have not begun yet, but the general contractor has scheduled the job trailer to be delivered this Wednesday and we have started the shop drawing submittal review process. We have had multiple conversations about what is expected from the general contractor and are pushing for the demolition to start adjacent to the old front entry of the school,” project architect, Andy Grant said.


He also said that no changes will be required to the original plan.


“We have experienced some delays in getting started as we wait and address review comments from the city of Waynesboro,” Grant commented.


Waynesboro High School and William Monroe High School both want their renovations to be completed in a restricted time frame. William Monroe being complete sooner, with Waynesboro not so far behind.


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