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The Auditorium stinks, but the show must go on!

By: Shauna Wilson and Maddie Frimmer

The leaky roof of the Waynesboro High School auditorium has caused problems like flood damage, mold growth and a musty smell that permeates the space. The drama and choral departments have been dealing with these issues in the auditorium for years now.


According to Dianne Truslow, the WHS Theatre teacher, some of the problems in the auditorium are getting dangerous. Jeffery Ryman, the WHS choir teacher, touched on this topic too. Truslow said the lights flicker, which she believes is not good especially for people with epilepsy. Additionally, she said the auditorium door has not been kept closed and locked up because it is the only indoor entrance to the choir room. People have wandered to the auditorium and have vandalized the space by  tearing up chairs, cutting the carpet on the wall, leaving trash, and making spills.


“People have gone in and done not nice things,” said Truslow.


“With all the water damage it smells musty and there are numerous damaged [ceiling] tiles,” said Ryman.


He went on to say that there is no damage inside the choir room-only the auditorium. But students have complained about the noises and the unpleasant smells.

The construction team started with the roof of the auditorium first so they could repair the leaky roof. The roof was finished on September 5th, so now that the new roof is complete, the next auditorium phase will include the renovation of the inside. Though WHS is not getting a new auditorium, they are getting a new stage. The construction team is going to start working on the new stage soon. The seats and the carpet that are in the auditorium now are going to stay as they are. All new lights and new curtains are coming.  


In addition to the auditorium damage that has impacted the drama and choir classes, there have been other problems. When Truslow and her team build a set for a play in March of 2018, it takes weeks for that construction to happen. While the set was being built, a group of professional wrestlers wanted to line up down the hallway in front of the auditorium so that Truslow could work in the auditorium. The day of the event they found out that there were too many people to line up in the hall, so the wrestler’s promoter came and talked to Ms. Truslow about making a deal for them to use the auditorium, “We went back and forth. Finally, he offered to make a donation to the drama department and I gave in,” said Truslow.
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As of right now, the renovation of the inside is scheduled to start in June of 2019 and is scheduled to finish in August of 2019. The choir room and stage is planned to start in March 2019 and should be finished by June of 2019. The entrance and lobby are to start in May 2019 and be completed by August 2019.


The flooding of the auditorium was a big issue that has now been resolved, so the construction crew is now moving on to other projects around the school.

2 Responses to “The Auditorium stinks, but the show must go on!”

  1. Mrs. Richmond says:

    It’s sad that the vandalism damage (torn chairs and carpet) will have to remain, but I know that finances must rule the choices. The first show with the new stage will be exciting!

  2. Deborah Watson says:

    Excellent article and very informative. I learned a lot of new things, including the source of that musty smell! I didn’t know. 🙂


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