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Old Building New Chances

By: Hannah Lam and Chiara Thacker

The Career and Technical Science department of Waynesboro High School is moving into a new building.

CTE classes like: fiance, technology, and marketing, give high school students the chance to get a head start on preparing for college and future careers. In CTE programs students learn how core school subjects like math, science and writing are used in real life.

Waynesboro High School purchased the News Virginian building. WHS plans on renovating it and building eight modular classrooms. All CTE classes at WHS will be moved into the new building.  

Modular construction is when construction is done off-site under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities. Though, it can be be done at a much quicker rate.

“I think the move will be good for us, it gives us a new space. It’s like having your own cotton candy and not having to share it with anyone else,” Wanda Hulse a CTE teacher at WHS said about the renovations. Hulse also had some concerns about the move. She’s concerned about having to move her materials and if there will be enough room in the new space for storage.

Since Hulse’s room has three parts: of a classroom, a computer lab, and a workshop; her new room will include those too.

Judy Musick, a computer applications teacher at WHS, also had some concerns about the new building.

“My biggest concern is the CTE department not being there to support other departments,” said Musick.  Musick also has many questions that have yet to be answered. “Will we be purchasing new things like tables and computers or will we be keeping the old ones? Is there going to be enough funding? How are our rooms going to be laid out? ” asked Musick.

Although Musick has concerns, she believes that the new building is going to, “strengthen and impact the relationships with other classes and teachers, bringing the whole department together.”

Safety is one of the school’s biggest priorities with this new building. Bryan Stamm, a WHS administrator, wants to have light-emitting diodes installed {in the crosswalk between WHS and the new CTE building] to insure safe passage for students. These diodes are flashing lights in the street that illuminate the crosswalk paths and warn approaching drivers.

He also has a plan to have cameras and a buzzer system that will be in the main office so Ms. Hall, WHS secretary, can see the students and open the doors.

The renovations to this new CTE building are part of phase one of the three phases happening to WHS in the reno process.

The school hopes to finish the new CTE building before the second semester starts. This building will make our school more like a campus helping us step into the future of WHS.  

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Photo by: Eileen Ortiz

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  1. Deborah Watson says:

    Very well written and I loved the comments from teachers, especially Mrs. Hulse’s comment about cotton candy! Another excellent photo, Eileen!


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