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Library’s New Company

Picture by: Eileen Ortiz

Picture by: Eileen Ortiz

                                                                                       By: Eileen Ortiz and Malaysia Woodson

In the midst of all the renovations, counseling has a part to play.

Last year, counselors were informed that they would have to move locations in order for construction to take place. Things moved slowly, but quickly picked up the pace.

On short notice, in August, the staff in counseling had a week to move their office  before the teachers got back to work.

The new space is now inside the library. According to Kelly Shaw, WHS counselor, “This is not the best place (for the counseling center) because now spaces have to be shared and it can be a problem.” The counseling rooms are right next to each other

“Confidentiality isn’t the best. The rooms are not that soundproof. We each have sound machines which we turn on when one of our students wants to talk in private,” said Shaw.

Matt Bailey, another WHS counselor, said “More students are reaching out because the counseling center is located where more of the students and classes are.”

According to him things are, “going very well.”

By April of 2019 the counseling office should be located in their new space which will be where the main office is located right now.  


As students and staff might have seen, the library has some new company now because the counseling office has been put there. Karen Galenis, WHS librarian and English 10 honors teacher, now has to share the space with the counseling office.

“It has directed more traffic towards the library, but parents and students are understanding that they have to be silent,” said Galenis.

One of the major things that is affected is SOL test would not be in library any more because there would be too much noise and students would be distracted. While it is cramped and multiple other issues are apparent, staff does have good things to say about the experience.

Mrs Galenis has described the experience as a blessing.

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  1. Mrs. Richmond says:

    So far, so good. The new location is actually more convenient to the teachers and staff, as well as to the students, but it surely is cramped . . . I like the photo with this article. Change is definitely on its way.

  2. Deborah Watson says:

    Thanks for covering our move. Excellent photo, Eileen!


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