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The Real Vic Sansing Staff Bio

By, Malaysia Woodson
Victor Staff Bio 3

Photo by: Shauna Wilson

Vic displaying his funny and charismatic side

     “Charismatic, funny, and sufficient,” are three words that 10th grader, Vic Sansing, uses to sum himself up. He said he loves to make everyone laugh, and while not always academically, he has plenty of common sense. Something that is very important to Vic is fairness. He believes everyone should be treated equally.  In his eyes, he is a mostly privileged person and is thankful for this. Vic thinks one of his purposes in this life is to make people happy and comfortable. “Togetherness, getting along, and helping each other is important,” he said. Vic made it clear he can be misunderstood at times and wants people to know he may come off as standoffish, but everything is not what it seems. He says he likes most people and is always willing to talk. He  holds his family and friends close to him. Especially his best friend Rock. Vic describes Rock as a free spirit, whose adventurous nature inspires him. Their friendship has been strong since 7th grade. Vic is also driven by the death of his grandfather in 2014. Even through the pain, Vic says he continues to push on and be strong for him. A favorite activity of Vic’s is hiking because he feels more peaceful and in tune with the natural world around him. After high school he plans to go to an in-state school, like UVA, to become a cardiovascular surgeon. He works hard to achieve his goals and is currently taking AP classes. One thing Victor is very proud of is getting to participate in the MozFest Youth Zone. He will go on a trip to London soon to be further involved.

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