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Meet Cheyenna Pirkey

By Peyton McNorton

Cheyenna poses with her camera for her staff bio

Cheyenna poses with her camera for her staff bio.

Cheyenna Pirkey is a junior at Waynesboro High School and this is her first year taking journalism. She also plans on taking journalism II and III. She enjoys working with animals, watching Netflix (Hart of Dixie is one of her favorites!), and also loves to argue. Cheyenna has her own business called Pirkey’s Pixels. “Pirkey’s Pixels is a business where I take portraits, anywhere from family, to wedding, to senior portraits. What I’m hoping for is to get more customers and clients, and maybe take more senior portraits. My purpose is to provide service to people that can’t afford a professional photographer,” said Cheyenna. You can find her business page on Facebook. She also participates in Waynesboro High School FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Students have a light snack, meet every Thursday morning at 7:30, lead a devotional, and participate in team building activities such as the human knot. Students are able to reach out to the community. She is pleased to take journalism this year! 

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