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Malaysia “Mayo” Woodson Staff Bio

By: Victor Sansing

Malaysia Woodson poses with a rubber chicken for her staff bio.

Malaysia Woodson, a WHS sophomore, showing her goofy character for her staff bio photo.

Malaysia “Mayo” Woodson is a sophomore here at Waynesboro High School. Mayo likes to live life as positively as possible. “Life is beautiful. The connections we make and the togetherness we feel with others are everything,” Malaysia says. She has big plans for later in her life. Mayo aspires to go to college after she graduates from WHS. Though she definitely wants to get higher schooling, she is split between two very different career paths. On one hand, Mayo would like to attend the University of Virginia’s medical program to eventually become a physical therapist. On the other, Malaysia would like to attend the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to become a professional video producer/editor. Mayo has already started to dabble in video edits and collages online. Malaysia’s other main hobby is playing instruments. She’s well versed with guitars and she’s learning to play the piano. Malaysia passionate about many things in today’s political climate. She especially cares about intersectional feminism. She feels that, “if someone’s feminism isn’t intersectional, then why should they be a feminist at all?” Malaysia believes that all people should be kind. However, she hates lying and deception. Morals are very important to Mayo. She draws inspiration from many people. She’s inspired by her mom, her siblings, her friend Kadesha, and Frank Ocean, a musician. Kadesha, who especially inspires Malaysia, has gone through a lot in her life. Kadesha struggles with heart conditions, but she still always seems to have a smile on her face. Malaysia always seems to have a happy outlook on life.

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