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In The Life Of Maddie Frimmer

 By: Hannah Lam 

Maddie Frimmer is a freshman at Waynesboro High School with a passion for baking and cooking. She bakes to relax, work hard, and to see a result in the end.  If Maddie could go anywhere in the world based on the food they have in that place, she’d go to Italy. She is Italian on her dads side but wants to try the real authentic pasta and garlic bread they have to offer. Maddie isn’t that close with her family but has a special connection with someone she sees as her family.  Maddie aspires to be like her close friend Victoria , “ she’s like the older sister I don’t have, she’s always there for me when I need her she’s my rock and I tell her everything,” said Maddie. Maddie’s day is made better by the smallest of things like someone saying hello to her in the hallway or being asked to hang out during the weekend. During the weekend Maddie also plays soccer. She has been playing soccer for 11 years and loves it. She started playing because she wanted to find a sport to be interested in and she found that with soccer.  Maddie isn’t sure what she wants to do when she’s older yet, but she’s thought about being a professional soccer player, a baker, or a labor and delivery nurse. She wants to go to college out of state, she says she’d like to go to North Carolina because she’s always liked it there. Maddie is a talkative person with an addiction to Riverdale and a “indescribable” family making her way through her freshman year.

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