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Editor-in-Chief: The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) is the most responsible person on the staff. This person will lead the staff, having been appointed by the adviser following an application/interview process.  The EIC will be responsible for leading discussions, planning website content, helping to plan individual articles, and editing articles, as well as writing his/her own assignments.  S/he will also be responsible for troubleshooting any problems, representing at meetings in or out of school, and setting the tone of the newspaper for the staff and school. S/he will be responsible for final decision-making when questions arise, though s/he can base decisions on staff consensus and guidance from the adviser.  Prospective editors-in-chief should be prepared to commit significant time to this job.


The staff will be organized into small groups, each of which will be responsible for publication of new material on the website on alternating assigned weeks. Each group’s members will be assigned by the adviser. Group members will vote to choose a group leader.  Group leaders, along with the editor-in-chief, will form an Editorial Board. The Editorial Board will meet regularly to coordinate coverage, discuss questions or controversies, and advise the editor-in-chief.


Any individuals in the class may apply for leadership positions pertaining to specific content areas of the website.  The Sports Editor, Opinion Editor, and News Editor will oversee coverage (but not necessarily exclusively write articles) in each of these content areas.  The Art/Photography Editor will oversee all photography assignments, camera maintenance, and digital filing of photography.  In addition, the Business Manager will be responsible for the design and publication of our Community page listing business ads and individual patrons, and for billing advertisers; the Publicity Manager will advertise events and activities within the school, and the Assistant Manager will oversee needs within the classroom, including managing time and encouraging staff morale.


The Technology Manager will become expert in our computer webpage administration (through in order to help other staff members, and will oversee website designs for visual appeal and style consistency.  The Social Media Manager will become expert in monitoring and using social media outlets to gather and disseminate information to our audience. Students who choose not to apply for one of these positions, or who are not appointed to one of these positions, will retain the title “Reporter.” If no students apply for these positions with satisfactory qualifications, the positions will remain unfilled and their responsibilities will be shared by staff members.



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