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Lessons learned: How to do Prom on a budget

By:Jaqueline Dietz

Prom can be a very expensive event, so here are  a few good tips on how to save money on everything you need for your special night. Let’s start with probably the biggest most important and also the most expensive part abou

t prom-the dress and tux. If you already have a suit/tux and you want to match your date a little bit more, just rent a vest. Many people know that you can rent suits or tux, but if you want to wear them more than once or twice, maybe it is actually cheaper to buy one. Check out prices of rental suits and tuxes and ones you have to buy before you just rent one.


 Now for dresses, during prom season some smaller bridal and formal stores offer discounts.  Also check out stores like that soon after prom for sales. You should also check out Ross, T.J.Maxx, second hand and thrift stores for great deals.

“ I found my prom dress for seven dollars at Ross,” said Jordan Lam, a WHS senior.


You can swap or borrow a dress from friends or family, or rent one. You can rent beautiful dresses on websites like You could also change  a dress that you already have in your closet or buy a cheap, new one and DIY some changes.


And don’t forget about the Cinderella Project in Staunton; They will help you find everything you need for  dresses, suits and tuxedos, shoes and jewelry. They can also do your hair and makeup and all of that is free. If you’re in need, see your counselor and they can write you an invitation. You could also go to a cosmetology school to get your hair and makeup done by someone who is almost a professional but for a lot less money. Look for corsages and boutonnieres at  a grocery shop or ask at a local flower shops for a pin-on corsage. Sometimes these are a cheaper than normal corsages because you just need something to pin it on. But check out if that’s the case before you get something you don’t want.


You don’t have to book a photographer because maybe you have a friend or family member who can take good pictures of you, your date  and your friends. If you want to take pictures during prom and are scared to lose your phone or an expensive camera, just bring a disposable camera.


For dinner you don’t have to spent a lot of money on food. Prepare dinner at home alone, with friends or maybe you could also ask your family. An alternative to cooking at home is, to look out for coupons or group rebaits at restaurants.


For your drive to prom, drive yourself or ride with friends or your family. Or, if you want to be a little bit more fancy, rent a limo with a big group of friends and share the costs.

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