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Diversity Coalition covers it all!

By :Jamey Archie & Millineum White


Waynesboro High School (WHS), has a variety of clubs that could fit the interests of many different students.The is a new cluster of clubs called The Diversity Coalition , was put together by Mrs.Riggan, a WHS history teacher and club sponsor. “Our mission is to combat hate and teach tolerance and acceptance,” said Riggan. “I hope every student at Waynesboro High School feels that they hold a valued place in this community.”

Most of these clubs were formed before The Diversity Coalition. The coalition is an open organisation that connects and supports community service clubs of WHS.There are many different clubs and many responsibilities with those clubs. ”I think we are changing the climate of this school– making it a more accepting place– by spreading ourselves out as we have done to so many different organizations,”Riggan said.


We have compiled information about each club. The contact information for the club sponsor will be attached.

International Giants

The International Giants focus on the issues and interests of students who have a strong interest in or connection to foreign countries. The members are in the club because of different situations that connect them to other countries – some members are immigrants, have family members who are immigrants, or have friends who came from other countries.Other members  just want to connect with some of our international students. International Giants club members bring unique viewpoints and experiences to the club community. “These are students who have an understanding of the world or parts of the world that many other student just haven’t been exposed to,” Riggan explained


Gay-Straight Alliance

The GSA stands for the Gay-Straight Alliance. Laura Moreno, the second in charge, believes the GSA isn’t well understood by the student body. It’s difficult to express your feelings about your sexuality to a confused crowd -, Moreno said.The GSA started two years ago when Ms. Loyacano was approached by a student who felt passionate about the need for a GSA. Loyacano has created a inclusive, welcoming environment in her classroom,and she thought the addition of this club might help expand a positive atmosphere to the entire school. One of the student goals is to promote knowledge about the GSA community. The GSA has created  posters for many awareness weeks this year and created a bulletin board about what it means to be an ally. “ These posters are making awareness to everyone to know we are here,“ Moreno said.


The Black Lives Matter club at Waynesboro High School is run by assistant principal, Kendra Jones. “The club was started last year and is progressing slowly,” said Jones. She loves working with the club because it gives her opportunities to get to know students that she usually wouldn’t get to see. The club came from the black lives matter movement because the school wanted to bring awareness to WHS students about the movement and educate them on what’s going on in the world. The club is not to make anyone feel left out but is  just to educate people that “all lives matter, but black lives matter too.”

Jones says they have many ideas of things to do with the club, such as a pledge to make a difference field trips for the students. “I think just being a part of the club is important,” said Jones. People have taken down posters, but the BLM club has never reacted badly;  they just put them back up.


Pledge To Make A Difference:

I promise to be kind, honest, strong, and positive in all that I say and do, I will be a role model and will do my best to inspire others to make Waynesboro High School and the world a nicer place.  


Interact Club

The Interact club at Waynesboro High School is sponsored by Iris Carter. The Interact club has been at WHS for 10 years, after Carter was approached by Principal Tim Teachy, and was asked to sponsor the club. Carter, not knowing what the club was about, asked Teachy more about the club. When Teachy explained the club was about community service and student leadership Carter was all for it. According to Carter, all of the things interact club participates in are great to put on job and college applications. They take part in  “stuff the bus,” which is a school supply drive for schools all over the community, and “Salvation Army Bell RIngers” which starts each November to raise money for groceries or to provide shelter for an individual for one night. They also do projects on Black History Month to help the school know more about the background of Black History Month. Ms. Carter says the club has kept her busy and also helped her to know the community better.



Waynesboro High School’s Women of Power Club is sponsored by Charmaine Cupp. Ms.cupp says the group has a very positive effect on her.  “So many girls in the group will give all their strengths but are not afraid to open up and help one another or take help from one another.” explained Cupp. She believes the club members stand together in their weaknesses to strengthen one another. The Women of Power Club started in the Spring Semester last year, and Cupp has sponsored it from the beginning.

Cupp wanted a group that had a positive effect on everybody, so when she spoke to some of the young ladies about it, they all agreed to it.

The girls come from all different backgrounds. If they weren’t in the group, they might not ever had been friends,” explained Cupp. “But, because of the group, everyone has become friends and respects one another, no matter what their background is.” The women of power group collected over 450 pair of hats and gloves for Wenonah Elementary School last semester. Through student and teacher donations. They have also received donations from local businesses including 7/11 and Walmart. The WOP has also recently formed a step team at WHS. The team is open for everyone. The team plans on putting on shows and entering competitions. The team wants to do for the community and help put out  a good name for WHS.


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