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New Year, New Opportunities

By: Destiny Lam

WHS students from soon-to-be freshmen to advancing seniors are choosing their classes for the next school year. Among the usual core classes, WHS is introducing a few new classes for students. Among these options are the following: World Cuisine, to be taught by Mrs. Sherrill and Greco-Roman Mythology to be taught by Mrs. Sati.

For students interested in cultures all over the world and the history of said cultures, World Cuisine may be a good fit. In Mrs.Sherrill’s words, World Cuisine class’ curriculum is focused on “food around the world with  an emphasis on geography and natural resources depending on the climate and economics.”

Students interested in taking World Cuisine should be prepared for a class based on academic reading, demonstrations and interactive participation with peers. Sherrill hopes that her students will take her lessons and use them in their everyday life. “Like a good quilt, they’re going to pull in cooking things from different parts of the world that they might want to incorporate into their own foods with their families or as they become young adults,” said Sherrill.

If you would like to “come away with a greater understanding of world geography, the idea of the sustainable foods within a community and how important that is,” Mrs.Sherrill’s World Cuisine class would be a great fit for you.

Speaking of cultures, Mrs. Sati’s Greco-Roman mythology is the perfect class for students interested in learning about Greco-Roman myths and their correlation to our modern society. “Greco-Roman mythology actually provides not only knowledge of culture-Greek and Roman culture, but it actually prepares them for understanding the world,” said Sati.

Sati also hopes to “help [students] understand today’s society by digging in the past.” Not only will students be immersed into the stories of Greco-Roman culture, but they will also learn material from a broad range of subjects such as astronomy, science, and history.

If you are a student with an open mind that is willing to understand and accept different cultures and if you are willing to participate in reading and discussion assignments, then this class may be a good fit for you.

If any of these classes interest you, see your guidance counselor today and ask them about the availability of these classes.

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