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Waynesboro Drama Presents Avenue Q

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Picture by: Serenity Stacy


The Waynesboro High School drama students will be preforming “Avenue Q,” a musical drama, on March 1st-3rd at 7:30 p.m. and March 4th at 3 p.m. in the school auditorium. Ms Dianne Truslow, the drama teacher at Waynesboro High School, is the director of the play. She’s excited to preform it for the community and the cast is really excited as well.

WHS is performing the high school version rated PG-13. According to  the website , the high school version of the original Broadway production of “Avenue Q” deals with some challenging topics and includes some adult language, making it appropriate for a PG-13 rating. The appeal of “Avenue Q” for high school students is that it deals with relevant social issues including experiencing

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The set in a working process Photo By: Serenity Stacy

discrimination, navigating the perils of the internet, managing challenging romantic relationships, making difficult social choices, dealing with consequences, and finding your life’s purpose–things every teenager experiences at one point or another.

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Ms. Truslow the director and Marina Johnson a cast member Photo By: Serenity Stacy

“Avenue Q” is a fun play and has an important message in it and a message you can take and use even after school,” said Ms. Truslow. Marina Johnson, a senior who plays Christmas eve, said “There are some bad words and well there is a character who kinda sleeps around.” “Ms. Truslow and Mr. Ryman said they’ve been watching it for a few years and they’ve always wanted to do it, so I guess they finally decide they wanted to do it this year,” said Johnson.


Photo provided by Dianna Truslow

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