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The life of Amber Law

By: Hannah Lam

104_0016Photo by: Hannah Lam

Amber Law is a junior with a big heart for children. As her future career, she hopes to take that love for children and put it to use by doing something in the childcare field. She is more interested in working with infants and toddlers because she finds older kids are more stressful. To make that career path happen, Amber hopes to attend Valley Vo-Tech next year to take a class in childcare. Amber knows she loves kids because she babysits her cousins who range in ages from 5 to 12. Her 11 year old cousin, Ariana, drives her to be better because of the connection and bond they share. Amber never grows tired of spending time with Ariana, they could spend hours together talking and having fun. No matter what happens between them they will always share a special bond. One of the most important people that Amber has love for is her grandad. She says he was always the type of person to be happy even when circumstances made it difficult. “My grandad always had that attitude that people wanted to be around,” said Amber. “Even after the cancer hit, he was still that person. After his death, everyone felt the loss more emotionally because the sense of his happy was gone.”  Amber is a bright, young, and caring person who is ready for challenges to take on.  

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